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Anino Ghereje started this petition to United Nations and

We've NEVER had it this bad as a nation.

We either act now or be used as blood sacrifices to appease the 'gods of greed' our political leaders worship.

Criticize and get jailed, protest and get killed, steal and get rewarded. I am fed up with such kinds of government we've been having in this country.

If there was equity, fairness and justice in the system, there would be no agitation for secession by any part(s) off the country. So let's come together and fight the common enemy.

We don't have guns to fight them, neither do we have the financial power to match their loot.

I don't even know if this petition would do justice, but I just don't want to be tormenented by the thought of doing absolutely nothing in the face of growing opression.

This is a challenge to see if truly 'the pen is mightier than the sword'

Just one signature of someone who's totally fed up with a system that glorifies criminals and rubbishes efforts of honest citizens is all i ask!


AIM: To gather as much signatures as possible (10 million minimum) to present to world powers and friends of Nigeria as the true will and voice of the Nigerian people, which is what democracy is all about.


1. Compulsory retirement of ALL politicians that has held positions ( elective or appointed) from 1999 till date.

 2. To have all their assets and their accounts abroad frozen pending when they face trial or an independent panel of enquiry to give account of their stewardship when in power.

 3. To have all their family members and relatives deported back to Nigeria unconditionally.

 4. To effect an immediate travel ban on all politicians and their family members that has held office from 1999 till date pending when they stand trial before an independent panel of enquiry.

 5. All politician that has held power from 1999 to date should be banned for life from ever contesting for any political position or given any political appointment in the country. Neither should any of them be allowed to finance or influence any political campaigns or decisions in the country.

6. An interim government should immediately be put in place and headed by someone who has never held political office or appointment and also has no political affiliation or business affiliation with any known politician in Nigeria.

 7. The interim government must immediately carry out a total overhaul of the Police, judiciary and the Armed Forces and other security outfits of the federal Republic of Nigeria within 90 days, to commence investigation, arrest(where necessary) and subsequent trial off all politicians that has held positions from 1999 till date which must be concluded within 180 days.

8. All major political parties must be given life ban from fielding or sponsoring any candidate(s) into any elective position in the country for failing to produce a credible candidate over the years. This will serve as deterrent to others.

9. The interim government must put in place full electronic voting system for elections to be conducted within 90 days and also allow Independent candidature.

10. It's my wish to see a New Nigeria of our dreams without bloodshed! For me this is a good start. Any good suggestion(s) is much welcomed to be added.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!