Demanding the Closure of Wet (Live Animal) Market in China and other countries.

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In the present times, as the countries are coming together, getting connected and becoming inter-dependent on each other, it gives us more reasons to focus on domestic food laws in countries like China that are not upto the standards of health, safety and welfare, not only for their population but for those beyond borders.

As the COVID 19 has spread to over 210 countries across the globe affecting around 2 million people, it has become pertinent to undertake strict actions to prevent any further outbreak. So, Doctors and Scientists, when tried to find its origins, found a likely source in a wet market in Wuhan, China. It has been reported that out of first 41 patients, 27 had been there.

This is not the first time such an incident has happened. Health Officials when trying to get a grip on an alarming outbreak SARS, found that the disease had been festering for months in a similar market in Southern China.

It is believed that a lot of viruses that make us sick actually originate in animals like in the case of Influenza, HIV, and Ebola. Now, in the present case, it has been alleged that the virus originated and went from a bat to a pangolin before infecting a human.

It is well known that viruses have the ability to spread efficiently within a new host that has not been previously exposed. That is where the wet markets come in, where live animals are slaughtered and sold for consumption. Now, it’s pretty easy for a virus to jump from one animal to another, as animals are stored in cages, which are stacked one over the other and animals at the bottom are often soaked with all kinds of liquids like animal excreta, pus and blood. If such an animal comes in contact or if consumed by a human, the virus could potentially affect them and even could become an outbreak.

Though wet-markets are scattered all over the world, but the ones in China offer a wide variety of animals including wildlife. The wet-markets industry in China has grown to 148$ billion (2018) and has huge lobbying capability on Chinese Government. Now again as the situation is getting better in China, the Chinese Government has released a new list of animals that can be farmed.

In this hour of chaos, as the COVID 19 has devastatingly created ruination across the world, stringent interventions need to be put in place. This is the time to put a full stop to such wet-markets to prevent anymore of such dangerous and life-threatening outbreaks.