Ban wet markets to prevent future epidemics!

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Close contact of Humans with Animals has been the cause of Infectious disease epidemics such as Ebola, SARS and MERS and the current COVID19. Wet markets around the world are hotspots where potential Animal hosts can transfer viruses to Humans. These wet markets are known for putting live animals of completely different species together in an unhygienic and unsafe environment. This increases the chance for zoonotic transmission of viruses from one species to another, as well as to humans.

Wet markets in Wuhan, China, were the source of COVID19, which has since then caused huge losses to lives and economies around the world. Whole cities around the world are in lockdown with millions of lives and businesses impacted. According to the UNCTAD (UN Trade and Development Agency), the economic uncertainty COVID19 has sparked will likely cost the global economy $1 trillion in 2020. Such economic losses will lead to further unemployment and poverty and the ripple effect will continue long after the epidemic is over. 

Given the urgency of this crisis, it is a humble request to the WHO, UN, Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison as well as other World leaders and Lawmaking Agencies to make international legislation that effectively bans and contains these wet markets around the world, especially in China.

It is our responsibility as the Public, to raise our voice in order to protect our health and to ensure a safe and healthy future for our children. Putting a ban and containing wet markets will not only prevent Viruses from getting to humans. It will also facilitate our goal of protecting the habitat of wild animals.

Please sign this petition, save your future! and thanks for reading!