UK, EU, UN, World powers must start the process to dissolve NIGERIA 1914 Amalgamation

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The Uk Parliament must urgently start the process of Nigeria dissolution to save life of millions of Nigerians from the hand of the current government that have demonstrated to be sponsoring terrorism, ethnic cleansing and Jihad against the indigenous people in Nigeria. Nigeria having been colonised by the UK, the UK and its Parliament have vested interests in Nigeria so as other powerful nations. The unrest, the killings, terrorism and other heinous crimes happening in Nigeria are as a result of the fault emanating from the amalgamation of 1914 by the UK representative in Niger Area called Frederick Lugard. UK Government reviewing this amalgamation that later led to the independence of Nigeria will solve terrorism not only in Nigeria but in the Sahel Region. I will come if invited to speak on how dissolving Nigeria will solve these problems and furthermore protect the business interests of these powerful nations.