Exempt Malawi from International English Tests

Exempt Malawi from International English Tests

6 July 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rogers Siula

Kindly consider adding Malawi to the list of countries that are exempted from International English Tests.

Not only because English is the official language in Malawi since time immemorial, this country is actually a former British Protectorate.

In addition, Malawi is the 19th country to join The Commonwealth.

Suffice to say, a fail in English automatically deprives one of any certificate in a national examination in as far as The Malawi National Examinations Board-MANEB is concerned.

Without a pass in English, neither a primary nor secondary school certificate can be attained. And this has always been non negotiable, hundreds of thousands of Malawians have already been victimised as failures, denying them further opportunities, using English as a core yardstick for their success in education despite scoring distinctions in all other examinable subjects.

This is how sacred the English language is in Malawi. English is actually a first language in most middle and high income Malawian families.

Now, one passes English to leave primary school, secondary school and finally tertiary school then boom, another exclusive paid up English test awaits as a requirement to pursue further studies in the UK.

This is over burdening an already English dominated system #WeCantBreathe

Please Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malawi and Malawi's High Commission to the United Kingdom amplify the lobbying by Malawians to have the current situation revised accordingly. 

Yours truly,

Rogers Bekisa Siula

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Signatures: 8,967Next Goal: 10,000
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