Term Limits on Congress

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The United States Constitution has one flaw, and it needs to be Amended.

Any student of history will know that the Federalist Papers discussed whether to include term limits on Congress, and the framers of the Comstitution decides term liiits were not necessary.

The founding fathers, except for maybe George Washington, did not anticipate the changes that would occur in our society over the next several hundred years.

First, when the US Constitution was drafted, Congress was part time, and there was no pension or benefits.  The people who served in Congress spent as little time as possible in Washington because they had jobs, companies or farms back home.

There was no air conditioning at in 1776.  This may sound funny, but it is a real reason.

There was no electronic media or internet.  This may be the biggest change since 1776 and if the founders could have understood the age of electronic media, they would have definitely have put term limits in the Comstitution.

The Lobbyist business has completely changed the landscape of politics, so that the average taxpayer has no voice in Comgress because an individual could not possibly compete with the amount of money lobbyists have to influence decision making in Comgress.

Because being a Member of Congress has become one of the most lucrative jobs in planet earth, there is no way any sitting Senator or House Member would ever bite for an amendment that eliminates their job, so the amendment must be written to grandfather the current Elected officials so it does not apply to them.  While it would be better for a Constitutional Amendment to take effect immediately, it is just not realistic.  The polls show that nearly 80% of the country is in favor of term limits, so we all, regardless of political affiliation, need to sign this petition.

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