Big Ten Students for the Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA)

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On behalf of the students in our respective Universities, and for college students across the country, the Association of the Big Ten Students (ABTS) demands that the Congress of the United States reauthorize the Higher Education Act (HEA) in a comprehensive beneficial way to students. The last time this Act was reauthorized was in 2008, over 10 years ago. The world was substantially different 10 years ago, and so are our Universities and students. As such, we demand that Congress take care to keep in mind what issues impacts students of today and make the appropriate updates and changes including: 

1). The simplification of the FAFSA and the removal of outdated questions concerning citizenship and drug conviction status. 

2). The increase of Pell Grants funding. 

3). The addressing of issues relating to Title IX and the damaging changes the Department of Education has recently made that endangers students at Universities across the country.

4). The providing of resources to campuses to address inadequate mental health services, and making statistics regarding mental health resources on campus more transparent. 

Given all of this, we ask Congress to readily take up the task of modernizing, updating, and improving the Higher Education Act in a way that benefits college students across the country. 


The Executive Board of the Association of the Big Ten Students

The undersigned students of the Association of the Big Ten Students