Free Twitter from Wall Street

For a lot of us Twitter is the fastest, easiest way to know and share what’s going on around us. It sparks urgent conversations, spreads vital information, and energizes movements.

But Twitter is under threat of being sold and selling out its users.

Wall Street thinks the company is a failure because it’s not raking in enough profit for shareholders. That means that Twitter is now up for sale and it’s poised to be handed over to the highest bidder. There is a real risk that the new owner may ruin our beloved platform with a single-minded pursuit towards profit and revenue.

Instead we want the company to share its future with those whose participation make it so valuable: its users. That’s why there’s a growing movement to urge Twitter to work with users to help us find a way to buy it, and to turn it into a cooperatively owned platform. In doing so we can foster innovation from the community and create a better, more user-friendly business model.

Sign this petition to make a user-owned Twitter a reality.

We are continuing to organize and explore possible avenues for making this happen. It's time we expand our imaginations in order to create a more inclusive, people-centered Internet.

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