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Make a law against crimes to undocumented immigrants

For a variety of reasons, immigrants who are victims of crime may be less likely to report their victimization than native-born victims. This is important because most crime is intra-racial and intra-ethnic. People of legal status use it to their advantage to get away with crimes against the undocumented. They threaten them with deportation or even killing them. Undocumented immigrants have an unfair disadvantage when it comes to reporting crimes often when they do they become questioned as criminals themselves. This unfair disadvantage needs to stop. No one documented or not needs to be victimized. Undocumented people should be able to report crimes without the fear of deportation. No one should have to live in this daily struggle and fear. When it comes down to it all people of legal status are able to blackmail the undocumented and the undocumented are in a catch-22.

We are all human beings!

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