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Keep abortion safe and legal

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Legitimate studies have proven that people will seek the same amount of abortions whether it is legal or not- The difference is that many more women die from illegal abortions!          


          The need for solid, protected reproductives rights became crystal clear to me at a recent Right to Life rally. The Right to Life Organization seems like a very extreme group of people who do not represent the demographics that need access to safe abortions, yet do exert a strong influence on policy. At the recent Right to Life rally, I spoke with several supporters and got many very disturbing answers to scenarios which arise in the abortion debate. Several individuals told me that if their 9 year old daughter was impregnated by rape with twins, and that that would put her life at risk, they said that they would make their daughter go through with the pregnancy. This greatly disturbs me, as it seems like child endangerment, and makes me worry about those rare but very real scenarios that will arise if abortion is outlawed.
           I was also told by a young woman supporter that were she to have an ectopic pregnancy, which physically can never result in a live birth, that she would still decide to die before getting any kind of abortion. This too, disturbs me, because even though I think she has the right to make that decision for herself, she represents the push to impose those circumstances upon all other women and families.   For whatever reason, the Right to Livers receives large contributions from various organizations, and thus have enacted a firm hold upon U.S. law, seeing that 80 new laws were created in just the first 6 months of 2011 which make it harder to attain an abortion.    


We NEED the whole spectrum for our health; contraception to abortion. This period in history has seen unprecedented stripping of our rights in that spectrum of necessary health tools. VOTE FOR YOUR PEOPLE TO RETAIN OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE REPRODUCTIVE CHOICES, FOR OUR HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE!!!             


          Here are some very important facts about reproductive rights which your legal decisions should be based on. Also, we are supposed to be a country with a separation between church and state, one in which our representatives actually do their job and represent the best interests of their people. If abortion is outlawed, there will still be many, many abortions, and the health of this country will be damaged.   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  Reproductive Fact Sheet      *[brackets] indicate citations found at bottom    ·         -- “Women with unintended pregnancies are two to four timed more likely to experience physical violence than women with planned pregnancies…Among the women whose pregnancies were intended, 5.3% reported abuse during pregnancy, compared with 12.6% for mistimed pregnancies and 15.3% for unwanted pregnancies”  [a]   ·       

- Abortion before the “quickening” (about 4 months pregnant) was not controversial in politics or religion in America until mid-1800, when the American Medical Association asserted reproduction authority.[b]     ·

 - There are no less abortions in countries where abortion is completely outlawed, though maternal death rates from illegal abortions are much higher. [c]   ·

- In the first six months of 2011, 80 new laws were created nationally to limit access to abortion services. Many limitations to abortion already exists, including clinic scarcity, mandatory 24 hour waiting periods prior to the procedure, price, and the percentage of non-abortion clinics outnumbering those that provide that option[d]   -“Personhood Bills”, which gives zygotes full human right, if passed, would outlaw all abortions, even in cases of child pregnancy by rape/incest with one or more zygotes, AND the pregnancy puts their life at risk. Contraceptive methods like the I.U.D (intrauterine device), and in-vitro fertilization may be illegal, and life-saving procedures for ectopic pregnancy (which can never result in birth) may be withheld or delayed.[e]   ·       

-88% of abortions happen in the first 9 weeks, and 98.5% occur in the first 21 weeks (or close to the end of the second trimester) [d]   ·    

- “26% of pregnant teens reported being physically abused by their boyfriends. Nearly half of them said that the battering began or intensified after the boyfriend learned of the pregnancy.” [a]   · 

- Likelihood of child abuse increases significantly with unplanned pregnancy, especially when there are multiple young children already in the family.[f]                     

               The health and quality of life of babies, children, and women are directly related to the access to preventative contraception and abortion (as living children lose more mothers, suffer more abuse and illness when contraception and abortion are illegal). Please support reproductive rights. There has already been an extreme national bill proposed in 2011 [the House passed the HR358] which would have allowed doctors and hospitals to let pregnant women facing emergency medical conditions die, if they did not want to perform a life-saving abortion.  


 [a]National Coalition Against Domestic Violence  

 [b] Moral Controversies in America 4th edition, Raymond Tatalovich Page 5     

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                 *In just my own life I have a friend who was conceived via in-vitro fertilization, whose mother had four ectopic pregnancies before conceiving with in-vitro. Were abortion outlawed during that time, his mom would likely be dead, and he would have never been given the chance to live. Another close friend has a heart conditions, at age 21, and takes blood thinners daily. Were she to get pregnant and forced to go through with the pregnancy, it’s very likely that neither she nor the fetus would survive. These are humans whom I know are conscious, who I know can feel pain, and their lives are valuable. Women who already have children are a significant percentage of those who seek abortion, and if illegal, more living children will lose their mother to back alley abortions.  


Repeat:       We NEED the whole spectrum for our health PROTECTED NOW; contraception to abortion. This period in history has seen unprecedented stripping of our rights in that spectrum of necessary health tools. DO SOMETHING SOON AND REAL FOR YOUR PEOPLE TO RETAIN OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE REPRODUCTIVE CHOICES, FOR OUR HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE!!!  

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