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ICE, Don't take Martin away from his wife and four sons"

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Please keep my husband Martin perez carrillo here with his family

Here is my story,

15 years ago I fell In love with a amazing man, When your heart feels this way you don't stop and ask yourself any questions, You don't think to yourself " wait, will this last forever?" does he have a green card? at 15 you don't ask these questions. your heart tells you go go for it. and True Love is so hard to find anymore. We had our first child when I was 17. I was so happy , our love for each other grow stronger. I found a soul mate and my best friend. after having 3 more children I knew I would for be in his arms forever.

In 1997 My husband crossed the Mexican and USA border illegally . Looking for a better life ( he was 18) His plan was to come here for a while then go back. he didn't know what life here would be like or turn out to be. He didn't know we would meet and life would began. He wasn't looking for any of that. He just wanted to make a life for himself and go back.

I was young I didn't understand what any of that meant. All I knew was I love this man and no one makes me happy like he does.

in 2008, My husband was pulled over for a Traffic Violation( for having no tail light) he had to spend 2 weeks in jail. then ICE came to pick him up and held him in butler county jail in Hamilton Ohio for a month. while this was going on. I hired a lawyer to help us. Only one lawyer would help us here in Columbus. after getting him a court date with the judge in Cleveland ohio . The Judge gave him a bail of 7.500 I was happy but this was a lot of money. My father helped me and we got him out. The lawyer told us we will be getting another court date to see if The Judge will allow him to stay in the USA or leave back to Mexico . My heart was broken. But we was ready to fight to keep him here with us.

My husband always took care of our children and I . he put a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs. heat in our home, christmas the children were happy, birthdays were wonderful. The kids spend every moment with their daddy. I didn't want to lose this.

Judge told my husband within this time of waiting you can not work. so I found a job making 9.15 a hour because that's all I could get. so at this time I am caring for 4 children and my husband. paying rent. food, gas, etc plus court and lawyer fees.

I had to work on a hardship letter for my husband the judge needed to see if him leaving the Usa, would cause any pain for myself and our children.

we have 4 boys. 12 ,11,9 and 7 I told them about health problems 2 of my children have. learning and speech problems that 2 of them have. my mother having cancer. and how my husband needs to be here to care for his children. that if we moved to mexico this would change how my children feel. I stressed how Mexico is not safe for Americans,( its not even safe for its own people) How my boys wouldn't get health care like they do here in the USA. I told them about the schools there. with the learning and reading problems my children have moving to Mexico if my husband had to move back. my children would not learn anything they have a speech problem. They don't even speak Spanish. this could stress a child out.

anyways at our court date 8 months later. The judge said to me and my husband these words.

She has a job, the children have health care and go to a good school. They won't be missing anything when you leave..

that was his answer, No. you have to return to Mexico... my heart dropped. our lawyer said we could file a appeal which we did. it gave us 2 more years. The appeal came back 2 days ago and they said NO AGAIN.

I am lost. My boys are going to lose their father I am going to lose my husband and best friend. there are things we can do but he will have to be there and us here. it could take as little as months to 3 to 10 years. I feel like we should follow. but living there is very hard when you have children and everything they know is here. My husband has to leave before the 17 next month. so we have a few weeks with him and who knows when we will see him again... our love is strong but I don't know we will make it.

20,000 dollars and still counting. WHY are the tearing familes apart . I understand he broke a law. ok fine make us pay here for it. don't make his children pay for it.

Just wanted to share my pain and see if anyone out there is going through this too

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