FAA NextGen Stop Destroying Quiet Communities

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FAA NextGen Stop Destroying Quiet Communities

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Started by Save Our Skies

In solidarity with my neighbors, I am outraged at the implementation of the FAA’s NextGen program that is building an unprecedented network of aviation superhighways over our country. Once quiet neighborhoods and prized national parks have been destroyed by the FAA’s consolidation of thousands of low-flying, noisy jets overhead.

Acting unilaterally and with complete disregard for community engagement, the FAA has prioritized the profits of big business airlines over citizens on the ground. And worse, they have intentionally misled Congress and the American public that NextGen would have “no significant impact.”

The reality is NextGen has robbed millions of their mental and physical health, enjoyment of their homes and communities, and trust in their government to protect their rights. And it is going to get worse—millions more across the country will suffer this fate as NextGen continues to rollout.

I pledge to not fly on October 24th, 2015 or for my next trip. 

I also plan to join or support my fellow citizens on #NoFlyDay, a national protest of the FAA’s NextGen implementation at events across the country.

In doing so, I demand the FAA:

  • Immediately revert to previous flight paths in any communities where NextGen has created new noise disturbances, agreeing to redo the design phase and consider less disruptive solutions

  • Conduct Environmental Impact Studies that use an updated, relevant noise standard to ensure noise is not a byproduct of NextGen  

  • Create a timely and transparent community engagement process that doesn’t seek to fly under the radar, but rather solicits actionable input from citizens 

It is time for the FAA to be accountable to the American public.  




NoFlyDay is sponsored by Save Our Skies Santa Cruz and Minneapolis Saint Paul Fair Skies Coalition.

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This petition had 1,627 supporters

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