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We the People demand a comprehensive Cannabis Healthcare Bill in Iowa

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In 2014 a very limited and essentially useless cannabinoid oil was passed. Less than 100 people have signed up for the card, close to one hundred fifty thousand was spent on the program, and because you can't grow, purchase, or travel state lines it's arguably useless. 

This year that bill expires and even Republicans have pledged to a bipartisan bill.

The bills that made it past the funnel point aren't as good as they could and we need to demand that our elected officials quit playing games with people's lives and to come together on an issue that is important to us and many of our neighbors.

Polls indicate that an overwhelming amount of Iowans support medical cannabis and we as citizens must stand up and make sure this gets as much attention as everything else down at the Capitol.

We ask that in the bill that get passed be amended firstly to allow inhalation. I know patients from all over the USA, not all of them can handle edible cannabis products, some get ill from ingesting it. It is also the most affordable way to use cannabis, and the fastest way for the medicine to work. There's also dozens of conditions that are only treatable by smoking it or vaporizing it. Plus there has been studies on smoking cannabis, the conclusion was that it's not harmful.

We also must allow for people to grow their own if they want. In one of these bills it says they want 14 corporations to control the supply for the entire state. That is not beneficial to patients because it makes access difficult. Not to mention in Illinois these companies are controlling their prices, together making it less affordable, not to mention quality issues.

In Illinois there are 16k patients registered and 50 some dispensaries across the state. People literally have to drive hours every two weeks to get there medicine​. Both Minnesota and Illinois, and I mention them because of the similarities in the bills, would have many more patients if there laws were less restrictive. With the conditions included in these bills we estimate there could ten times that here in Iowa. Patients deserve some courtesy and we've learned a lot from these other states efforts. We must ensure that the next bill that comes out is comprehensive and fair to those who need it. 

Patients deserve easy access to quality cannabis at an affordable price, these few steps great for those that need it. We also need to help our representatives get this right by providing them with real information and anything else they need. If they are not supportive than provide information to ease concerns.

I ask that you not just sign this but share it as well. I will post updates on here, so please share this with everyone! We can't do this alone, we must come together if we are to tackle this issue.

Please and thank you.

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