Amend Tennessee law to convict adults over 18 attempting to sexually exploit a minor.

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The current laws state that in order for someone to be convicted as a sex offender there either has to be a victim or they have to be in communication with a law enforcement official. We want to change these laws to prevent there from being a victim but to also aid law enforcement officials in the fight against pedophilia. As private citizens who are coming in contact with potential sex offenders regularly, it is disturbing that even though case logs are built with damning evidence they still walk free no matter the situation because we simply are not government officials. 

As private citizen living in any city in the state of Tennessee we deserve the right to keep our communities safe and clean for our children and tomorrows future. It is very discouraging that we put in all the efforts to protect our children and are met with a brick wall and nothing being done because we are not law enforcement speaking with the suspect. 

Our main focus is to protect children and keep them out of reach of someone who could potentially ruin their entire life. Law Enforcement is out numbered to regular everyday parents who are making it a priority to expose those who most think would never attempt such vile actions upon a child. We want to do more than just expose, we want these individuals to be convicted and rehabilitated.  

Law Enforcement using a private citizen wearing a wire to gain an admission of guilt against a suspect can be thrown out in court if deemed entrapment. What we do as private citizens can not be defined as entrapment because we have not been directed or instructed by Law Enforcement to obtain evidence. We are funding and providing the evidence at our own free will. We are only asking that our cases are reviewed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

So many children are being preyed upon by adults that are supposed to be role models and protect them but instead are using their authority and influence to lower the child's inhibitions with the objective to befriend and establish an emotional connection to coerce the child into sexual acts and conversations.

We are asking that the laws are changed so that no matter who the evidence is collected by, as long as protocols are followed, that charges can be brought up against the accused.