Remove District Attorney Amy Weirich From Public Office

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Under Weirich's watch as a district attorney numerous civil rights violations and violations of Tennessee, laws have cost city taxpayers millions of dollars and unwarranted jail time. Weirich has failed to prosecute any officer-involved shootings and other excessive use of force cases. Weirich has instructed law enforcement to over-charge African-Americans to ensure a felony conviction and disenfranchise an entire race in Shelby County. Weirich has a cutthroat reputation of a no deals policy and refuses to reopen cases where evidence is present to exonerate people of crimes which they may not have committed.  Weirich has a pattern of using her office, City, and County resources to intimidate community members especially those members protesting official misconduct. She has also abused her discretion by charging people under state law for manufacturing and intent to sell marijuana when it was only a simple possession. Her mafioso style government has placed the entire city at risk. The murder rate has tripled since she took office. Weirich is concerned with personal vendettas rather than upholding the law.  

1. Vern Braswell, in a 2005 murder trial, Weirich flagrantly hid evidence.  Attorney Taylor Eskridge testified that she had seen a post-it that said "Don't show defense" in regards to his discovery evidence.  She later instructed her office not to settle minor cases with Eskridge making her legal negotiating environment hostile causing her to lose clients. Eskridge, an African American female attorney,  had a successful law practice before these intimidation tactics forced her to leave the city.

2. Noura Jackson, in 2009, Weirich violated Jackson's constitutional rights to remain silent and denied her the right to a fair trial and presently awaits public censure for that matter. Weirich made constant inappropriate comments in regards to Jackson opting not to take the stand in her defense trial and right to remain silent.  She also had a direct conflict of interest because she had a friendship with Jackson's maternal aunt and did not disqualify her office in her original trial. She recused her office from the prosecution of Noura Jackson's new trial.

3. Tom Henderson was recently censured by the Tennessee Supreme Court for his misconduct during the prosecution of Michael Rimmer, an innocent man on trial. Her office lied to a court and opposing counsel. Weirich openly defended Henderson's unethical actions. He continues to be employed in her office.  Weirich works close with him and uses him to carry out many miscarriages of justice against people who plead not guilty.  

4. Justin Thompson, a 15-year-old unarmed teenager, was murdered in 2013 by an off-duty MPD officer Terrance Shaw.    Initially, when Thompson was killed Shaw stated he was being robbed.  Text messages proved otherwise. Shaw had an inappropriate relationship with the teen and had been texting him for 30 days prior to his death.  Weirich refused to prosecute Shaw and turned the matter over to the TBI which made no further inquiries into his death.  She uses the TBI to cover up her crimes and governmental corruption.

5. Judge Carolyn Blackett, Weirich filed a motion in October 2015, requesting that Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Carolyn Blackett recuse herself from more than 200 cases because she questioned the impartiality of the judge. The motivation for this recusal was because Blackett had reservations about the illegal tactics her office uses against Defense counsel.  Defense counsels have strong suspicions that she has used illegal wiretaps to listen to Attorney-client phone calls. Judge Carolyn Blackett is the only African-American female judge in Criminal Court for the 30th District. The motion for recusal forced the Administrative Judge and other judges to have to transfer Blackett's cases to their already burdensome caseloads for five months causing several resets violating hundreds of inmates rights Constitutional to a fair and speedy trial.

6. Pamela Moses, Weirich referred false stalking allegations to the TBI in reference to Moses campaigning against her friend also a former prosecutor who worked closely with Weirich prior to becoming a General Sessions judge. This judge made no MPD or SCSO police report in regards to the alleged Facebook post. The essence of the alleged stalking referenced a public page entitled Bringing Civil Rights Charges against her.  Moses held illegally for five months on a $500,000.00 bail and coerced by Weirich's office to plead guilty with threats of solitary confinement for the duration of her trial. Her case is presently on appeal. She arrested her in Chicago at the airport for voting 

7. Darrius Stewart, the 19-year-old unarmed teen, was murdered by MPD Officer Connor Schilling.  Weirich refused to have Schilling arrested despite the fact the death was captured on video.  She requested the same investigators who handled both Justin Thompson, and Pamela Moses case with the TBI to cover up this murder under the color of the law.  Special Agent Ryan Flecther of the TBI has since left the State of TN and law enforcement permanently. Amy Weirich refused to prosecute Schilling and any other officer who murdered unarmed black people since she has been DA.

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All the unknown rape victims


*** Over 12,000 rape kits went untested under the Weirich administration***

Please sign this petition and the Shelby County Election Ouster petition in circulation. She should be removed from office immediately because she consistently engages in a practice of undermining the authority of the law. For all of the reasons, the Shelby County community demands Amy Weirich's removal and recall.