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Tell America's Leaders: Invest in Kids, Not Corporate Jets



During the last several weeks, advocates for children and families have watched the debt ceiling negotiations with growing concern. The outcome of these negotiations could have a significant, negative impact on our nation’s most vulnerable children and families for years to come.

American’s have been hit hard by the recession and the number of children living in poverty has GROWN at an alarming rate. To prevent further harm to our country’s future, we must make children our first priority in the budget.

Now is not the time to drastically cut investments in our future.  Instead we must ensure that services to children, youth and their struggling families are sufficient to cover their needs.

The Children’s Leadership Council (CLC) recognizes the potential danger to the country’s economic stability posed by the growing deficit.  However, we believe that cutting spending on services for children, youth, and their struggling families as a means of addressing this problem is not only irresponsible, it is fiscally unsound.  

Send a message to our nation’s leaders.  Ask them to take an approach to deficit reduction that protects low-income families and ensures adequate investment for their future.  

Eliminate egregious tax loopholes for corporations and millionaires. Prioritize the future of our nation’s children. Invest in every child’s opportunity to reach their fullest potential and help contribute to our future economic success.

The CLC calls on our country’s leaders to stand up for low-income American's.  The current debt ceiling negotiations are an opportunity to turn the tide for our children, youth and families.

An approach to deficit reduction that includes revenues and prioritizes sensible, high impact investments in low-income children, parents and others will set the stage for smart economic growth, without further endangering the future of America’s children.



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