Ban Animal Furs in the US

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Animal furs are inhumane and bad for the environment. Over 100 million animals are killed on fur farms every year. They are kept in small cages that hurt their mental and physical health and then “killed by gassing, violent neck breaking or poisoning; all slow grueling deaths” according to Fur Trade Facts. Outside of hurting these animals, it also hurts the environment. It brings these species to the brink of extinction, or pushes them over that brink, which interferes with the entire food web. This can have major detrimental impacts on the ecosystem, and other organisms within it. Along with the loss of these species, the fur industry was also found by PETA to be “one of the world’s five worst industries for toxic-metal pollution” and it pollutes nearby rivers with phosphorus. This damages the chemical makeup of the water, which can make it fatal to the organisms within it and unsafe for drinking.

Please sign this petition to tell Congress to nationally ban furs. The reasons listed above show all of the consequences of this industry, and there is not really a benefit. Some may argue that a beautiful coat is worth it, but many would say that the lives of animals are more important. Especially since faux fur is such a good alternative given it replicates the style but does not require the deaths of animals.