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We are asking our local leaders to do something about the stray animal problem and to do it in a humane way.

Shelters and rescues are full. Breeders are a huge source of this issue. Strict breeding laws are needed. Stray animals pose many risks to Houston pets and human population. It is time for Harris County to stand up for its animals. We ask the politicians and leadership in Harris County to consider making changes towards a better environment in Harris County. Dallas is leading the way with new, better laws aimed towards humanely decreasing the stray and homeless population of the city.

It is estimated that 500,000 dogs are bred in puppy mills every year! Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats). These pets are often living in inhumane, overcrowded conditions. Chained to backyard, or living in small Kennels. It’s no secret, puppy mills and backyard breeders exist all across the state, breeding misery and suffering. They are not pets, just money. Breed for greed has become a huge problem. There are too many pets and just not enough homes. Only 1 in 10 dogs will ever find a home. It's no question that breeders are a big part of the problem. Puppy Mills and Backyard breeders need to be strictly limited.

 We ask Harris County to please consider new laws to better help residents and pets. These laws should include: 

* Banning of puppy mills. Strictly enforce violations with heavy fines and jail time. 

* Strictly limit breeding and animal sales. Must purchase permit, limit of litters to female, with vet approval. 

* Ban the sale of pets in parking lots, flea markets, road side, in front of businesses, in pet stores, etc. 

*Any animal abuse should have serious consequences of fines and jail time. law enforcement should be required to investigate and act upon any animal abuse accusations. 

*Breeding dogs should not be kept in small cages or on chains, must be kept in sanitary and humane conditions. 

* Establish minimum cage sizes and prohibit cage stacking.

* Anyone, especially Police officers and animal control, should have the right to remove an animal from an unattended motor vehicle using reasonable means after reasonable attempts to locate the owner., during times of extreme temperatures when animal is showing signs of distress.

* No cat or dog should be sold for more than a certain set price. 

* Should offer free pet spay/neuter and microchip to all HARRIS COUNTY residents. 

* It should be illegal for someone to “dump” a pet, with fine and jail time as punishment. Dumping a pet should be considered animal abuse. 

* Strong TNR efforts needed with more assistance, programs and funding.  

* More funding provided towards shelters and adoption programs, and to rescues.

* All shelters should have a compassionate director dedicated to saving ALL healthy and adoptable pets while striving to set goals for the shelter to become "no kill", as many other shelters outside of Houston are doing at this time. 


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