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SUDAN NOW: Tell Congress to Call Obama for Peace and Justice in Sudan


Now is the moment for the President to implement a Sudan policy which, as he promised in 2008, leads a process for peace, helps prevent another deadly war in Africa, and holds those responsible for crimes against humanity to account. Millions of lives are at stake.

Recently, Foreign Policy Magazine broke the news suggesting that, after months of delay, a plan for moving the U.S. Policy on Sudan forward has finally landed on President Obama’s desk.

As Sudan prepares for a referendum that is likely to split it in two, and as the humanitarian crisis in Darfur grows increasingly dire by the day, we must let President Obama know that we are closely watching and awaiting his decision.

Urge members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Speaker of the House to call the President and ask him to make peace in Sudan a priority now.

Thank you.

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Representative Paul Cook
Senator Tim Kaine
Senator Russ Feingold
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Senator John Barrasso
Senator Roger Wicker
Senator James Inhofe
Senator James Risch
Senator Ted Kaufman
Senator Jeanne Shaheen
Senator Bob Corker
Senator Tim Scott
Senator Barbara Boxer
Senator Chris Dodd
Senator Johnny Isakson
Senator Joe Donnelly
Senator William Cowan
Senator Ben Cardin
Senator Robert Menendez
Senator Robert Casey
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Please call President Obama and tell him that this is the moment to fully engage and rally the world for lasting peace in Sudan. Brutal dictatorships respond to effective leverage: incentive and pressures. Incentives alone have failed. Human rights abuses and violence are up across Sudan. The U.S. must do all in its power to ensure a peaceful referendum in 2011 and bring peace and stability to Darfur. Millions of lives are at stake.

Thank you.

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