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A coal/pet coke plant is proposed for Bay City, TX in Matagorda County.

The plant is to be located on the Colorado River, just a few miles upriver from the Matagorda Bay system and Gulf of Mexico. The plant is permitted to spew 18,000 tons of emissions per year -- including mercury, arsenic, selenium, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and many other toxic pollutants. It is also permitted to use 36,000 acre feet of fresh water per year, 80% of which is evaporated.

The plant is a direct threat to the health and fragile ecosystem of the area and its people, and will negatively impact the area's agriculture and fishing industries. Stop the construction of the White Stallion coal plant.

Letter to
Mayor of Bay City Mark Bricker
Representative Tom McClintock
Senator Tom Udall
and 14 others
Representative Randy Weber
Representative John Fleming
Senator James Inhofe
Senator John Cornyn
State Senator Glenn Hegar 2
Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Cory Booker
Senator Ben Cardin
Senator Tom Carper
Senator Barbara Boxer
Representative Doc Hastings
Representative Donna Christensen
Representative Linda Sanchez
State Representative Ed Thompson
Please stop the construction of the White Stallion coal plant proposed for Bay City, TX.
This plant was issued an air permit by TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) despite the objections of the Administrative Law Judges, Office of Public Interest Council, the EPA, the Matagorda County Judge and Commissioners Court, the people of Matagorda County in Texas, and many other agencies.
This plant does not use the best available control technology for emissions, and makes poor use of an already scarce resource for the county: water. Matagorda County's farmers are in danger of being forced out of business if they can't contract water, and have faced this issue as recently as 2009. Additionally, the county has a thriving fishery -- fishing, crabbing, oystering, shrimping -- and is the second largest nursery bay and is home to the second largest shrimping fleet on the Texas Gulf Coast. The Matagorda Bay system also is a mecca for recreational fishing and water activities. Loss of freshwater inflows into the Colorado River and Matagorda Bay system are currently a problem threatening the health of these waters, and the White Stallion coal plant might be the nail in the coffin for these waters. The toxins the plant will emit are of course another concern to the fishery and to the health of the people.
The loss of the agriculture and fishing industries will devastate our economy in Matagorda County.
Please stop the construction of the White Stallion coal plant.