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Considerably women are just as responsible for the creation of a child as men are. Women are known to be very vendictive when a relationship goes sour, thus they use their children as weapons against the father. In many instances there are father's making sizeable contributions in the household; yet the mother of the children is not satisfied because this man has moved on with his life and make the decision to file for child support. I understand their are a lot of dead beat fathers that should be forced to pay for their children; however, for those that are working and trying to do the right thing, the Government shouldn't access the interest. This is something they will pay for the duration of their lives. Is this fair? In all honesty there are much better fathers out there, than mothers. Mother's leaving the children at home with boyfriends they know absolutely nothing about, and the child winds up dead or severely beaten. We need to considerate in retrospect to men and women that will have to incur the Interest of Child Support. This should be presented to Legislation for review.

It is so profound that men appear to have no rights in regards to the penalities of Interest on back child support. As it is men are petitioned to pay child support in many instances because the relationship went bad; the woman says well if I can't get the man, I'll get the money. In society today more women should pay child support than men, being they are not suitable to fulfill the position. If you would please support this petition that we may submit to the Attorney General proving that all men are not dead beats and are trying to do what is right in the best interest of their child; however, the interest and penalties are simply destroying their lives.


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