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Stop the Damming of the Oneida Narrows ID.

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We, the undersigned, OPPOSE the Twin Lakes Canal Company application#13-7697 to appropriate Bear River water for hydroelectric and/or irrigation purposes. Twin Lakes Canal Company is in the permit process of a proposal to dam the Narrows just below Cave Mountain and flood the canyon nearly all the way to the existing Oneida Dam. Red Point Campground would be under water. The only free-flowing stretch of public-accessible river on the entire 500 miles of our overworked, excessively dammed and diverted Bear River would be lost to everyone forever. The canal company says it is losing 30 percent of its water to evaporation from the canal system, but it refuses to consider alternatives to ruining the river, such as piping the water or implementing the technological advancements that conserve and optimize water use. They say they are applying for irrigation water, but their main thrust is hydropower. They are on record as protesting a previous dam proposal in 1992. TLCC says they can replace river recreation opportunities with a lake. In the process, they would destroy the river floating enjoyed by hundreds of people who can launch their tubes and kayaks and canoes right off the bank. They would create one or two little boat-launch/picnic areas and be able to charge a fee. No more camping under a canopy of trees on the grassy riverbank, with the sound of free-flowing rapids and riffles, where you can walk along the bank and fish to your hearts delight. More than a dozen organizations are actively protesting the canal company’s bid for power, from Trout Unlimited to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Studies performed over decades have shown that a dam in this area would be detrimental to fish, birds, wildlife and native flora of the Narrows. Losing the river would be a loss from which we would never recover. Locals are afraid to speak out against the dam because the canal company has threatened to boycott businesses. The issue has gotten so contentious that many are giving up hope but you can help. Join the protest. Write letters. Prevent the granting of a water permit (the current stage of the dam proposal process) by circulating petitions and charting activity in the canyon. We have until the end of August to present evidence to the Water Resource Board .

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