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When desert citizen's unite to protect our desert and our way of life, there isn't anything we can't do--witness our defeat of the Green Path North transmission lines planned by the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.

Now we need to stop an equally inappropriate project from devastating our area.  Element Power has already been approved by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to do wind testing on two signature buttes, Black Lava Butte and Flat Top Mesa, in the Pipes Canyon area. We cannot allow this project to move into the development stage, when massive wind turbines, visible for miles, would be constructed atop these buttes, destroying the scenic vistas that we now enjoy and that tourists value as part of their experience of Joshua Tree National Park and its surrounding area.

These pristine buttes are home to federally threatened fauna, sensitive flora, and significant Native American cultural artifacts, in addition to being important to the local viewshed.  Certainly the buttes are an inappropriate place for a utility-scale energy project, especially when there is no lack of disturbed land available on which to build renewable energy projects.

Ironically, the buttes lie along the path of the now defeated Green Path North transmission project, which would have gone up and over these same buttes.  There is no transmission here now, thanks to citizen efforts, but if the Black Lava Butte Project is allowed to go forward, we will have another major fight on our hands, i.e., to once again fight transmission lines and designation of a massive, miles-long utility corridor.

The time is now to protect our heritage and that of future generations.  Please join with Save Our Desert and the California Desert Coalition by signing our petition to stop the Black Lava Butte Project.

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Letter to
Bureau of Land Management California State Director James Kenna
San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry
U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar
and 5 others
Representative Mark Takano
Senator Dianne Feinstein
State Representative Sharon Quirk Silva
State Senator Richard Roth
California Governor
I request your assistance in defeating the Black Lava Butte Project, BLM #CACA-48689, a prospective industrial-scale wind energy project in Pipes Canyon, San Bernardino County, CA, which, if implemented, will have a devastating effect on a wealth of native flora, fauna, birdlife and cultural sites.

The Bureau of Land Management has already leased environmentally sensitive and near-pristine public lands in the rural Pipes Canyon area to Element Power for construction of meteorological towers, a precursor to proposing a wind energy development project in the area.

If permitted to go forward, acres of massively tall wind turbines would be erected on Black Lava Butte and Flat Top Mesa, two signature buttes that are home to federally threatened fauna, sensitive flora, and significant Native American cultural artifacts. In addition, its distance from power lines would mean the imposition of transmission lines on nearby communities such as those adjoining Highway 247.

Not so long ago, we defeated the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power’s (LADWP’s) Green Path North project that would have devastated our community with transmission lines. We thought then the fight was over. We know now that we have another major battle on our hands, and we need your help.

There are many greener alternatives, rather than developing utility-scale energy on these buttes, alternatives that do not destroy taxpayer-owned pristine lands for the sake of speculators’ profits. Those alternatives are to be encouraged--in the right places. Pipes Canyon is not one of them.


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