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Stop Susana Martinez

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Stand4KidsNM started this petition to State Senator Mary Kay Papen and

STOP Gov. Susana Martinez's Education Deforms in New Mexico

01. STOP the Excessive Standardized Testing for New Mexico's Students

02. STOP Using the Value-Added-Model to Evaluate New Mexico's Teachers

03. STOP Designating A-F Letter Grades to Public Schools

04. STOP Silencing New Mexico's Parents, Teachers, Districts, & School Boards

05. STOP Diverting Education Funds to Governor's Personal Education Projects

06. STOP the ALEC-Affiliated State Education Contracts

07. STOP Championing Charter Schools Over Traditional Public Schools

08. STOP Demonizing Teachers, ATF, AFT-New Mexico, and NEA-New Mexico

09. STOP Violating the New Mexico Constitution

10. STOP Bypassing the New Mexico Legislature with Administrative Rule


10,000 Members of Stand4KidsNM Requests the NM State Legislature:

01. Eliminate the Value-Added-Model and the 75% of teacher evaluations that are linked to the VAM, a model which the American Statistical Association and educational experts have called “flawed,” “junk science,” and a “sham.” We want to see the school districts expound on the 25% component of the observation and to use the Danielson model as it was intended, to empower, not punish teachers. 

02. Eliminate the End of Course exams.

03. Review the former High School Equivalency Exam and link it to the new CCSS standards. Make the 11th graders take this test instead of EOCs -- as statute requires.

04. Teacher-Mentors: Instead of millions being spent on EOCs, invest the money in paying stipends to teacher mentors, who can assist the teachers who rank ineffective or minimally effective after one year of observations. The teacher mentors would be those experienced teachers who score highly effective on observations consistently.

05. Highly effective and effective teachers should only be formally observed two times a year. 

06. Ineffective and minimally effective teachers should be formally observed three times a year.

07. The HS equivalency exam could be bypassed with a 3.0 GPA or higher and has fulfilled AP/honors/dual-credit requirements.

08. Reduce the number of standardized tests: Every teacher should be allowed to do pre-tests and a post-test to gauge student learning and report those results. Eliminate the tests that are redundant and make tests a mere 10% of our students' learning time.

09. Invest millions in the arts and extracurricular activities at schools so that elementary students can take music and art every year.  

10. Invest millions in physical education so that we can help contribute to the growing awareness that our children's health not only encompasses the mental but the physical as well.

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This petition had 10,393 supporters

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