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Open Letter To Royalty: Ontario Attorney General and Governor General Of Canada

Rene Helmerichs

Mar 19, 2019 — 

Open Letter To Royalty: Ontario Attorney General and Governor General Of Canada

Regarding: a necessary correction to malicious psychiatric prosecution in Canada


By Rene Helmerichs, 19 March 2019


给中国共产党:这封信直接支持中共。 Also to The Chinese Communist Party (CCP).




A Mormon Treasurer Natalie Yewchyn (now ) lied to the Ontario, Canada, police.  Mormon Minister Matthew Swain (Barrie congregation of The Community Of Christ) defended the lie.  Both individuals committed criminal perjury at the trial for case file C-13-205-SR in Barrie, Ontario.  Police, prosecutors, and the Ontario court of justice continue to deny that serious errors in law occurred.  I am Rene Helmerichs.  I am now in The Republic Of China arguing with a national school chain, a university, a church, and a national news company to publicize this worldwide ground-breaking news story in court of law.  On 18 March 2019, I submitted this to The Republic Of China in a plea for assistance to correct a massive psychiatric fraud currently affecting every Canadian (Taiwan legally has 60 days to investigate and provide a written reply):



1. Is this the real life?


Yes, this is really happening.  The Diagnostics And Statistics Manual (published by The American Psychology Association) which psychiatrists around the world use to diagnose mental illnesses, contains a crucial cultural exception. 


Individuals that believe they have a spirit (and, therefore, that the spirit provides the real-time awareness of living in a body with a mind), are actually excluded from all diagnoses for mental illness because a thinking spirit infers that mind is not physical in origin. 



2. Is this just fantasy?


To sidestep the technicality of a global cultural exception for the global pill-pushing pharmaceutical campaign, psychiatrists use a "desk reference" copy which omits any reference to a cultural exception.  Psychiatrists are, in fact, committing cultural genocide in the name of pharmacological profit.



3. Canada is caught in a landslide.


This is a story in service of the Canadian government, although the Canadian government yet refuses to acknowledge its benefit to the Canadian public.  The intention from the start was to market a charity to build an international sustainable university (post marked 5 May 2012 to The Canadian Charities Directorate).  It is unlikely The Ontario Attorney General, or The Governor General for Canada, will heed this letter.



4. "No escape from reality"


From the website for The Attorney General Of Ontario:

"As a further example, in the Thomas Sophonow Inquiry, the Honourable Peter Cory recommended that Mr. Sophonow receive $1.75 million for non-pecuniary damages, despite the fact that the Guidelines mandate a cap on such damages in the amount of $100,000. 6 In refusing to apply the mandated cap, Justice Cory noted that the Guidelines are not an act of the Legislature but simply a guideline. 7 I agree."


CC (.pdf):



5. "Open your eyes"


From a 21 March 2018 news article, "Ontario's Liberal government is promising to spend $2.1 billion over the next four years to "rebuild" the province's mental health system." Reference also: "Wynne pledges $2.1 billion to 'rebuild' Ontario's mental health system" in a Toronto Sun article at



6. Look up to the skies and see this open letter to The Canadian public and The Office Of The Attorney General For Ontario.



7. "A little high, little low"


Not many people realize that the Governor General is actually the viceroy.  A viceroy is the acting King or Queen of the area.  The position is not elected.  There are 11 viceroys in Canada.  Ten governor each separate Canadian province, and one governs all of Canada.


The viceroy retains more legal authority than the elected democratic positions.  In that way, Canada is not actually a truly democratic country.  In theory, the viceroy is able to stop any injustice with a simple public statement.  The tragedy of this letter is that the Attorney General refuses to act.


This letter is submitted to the viceroy of Ontario.  It is also submitted to the viceroy of Canada.  The world can watch what the Canadian government will do as a result of this letter.


The public laws in Canada (The Constitution of Canada) state that every Canadian has a right to a fair trial for any criminal allegation.  The government of Canada tells Canadians that Canadians are "innocent until proven guilty."  In fact, this is not currently the case.  The Canadian government allows psychiatrists to retain more judicial authority than any judge.


7. "Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me"


In August 2012, senior United States Mormon Minister Tim Stanlick emailed local Barrie Community Of Christ Congregation Minister Matthew Swain.  Mr. Stanlick told Mr. Swain to contact the police about Rene Helmerichs.


Rene Helmerichs was a teacher at Georgian College, in Barrie, Ontario.  Mr. Helmerichs decided to write a book to market a New Goal Day charity.  The charity advocates for consistency of laws, consistency of thought, and harmony between words and deeds.  The charity serves to market a new university for sustainable sciences planned for western Canada.


Mr. Helmerichs approached a Mormon congregation for help.  Instead of discussing the problem, the Mormons contacted the police with absurd allegations of child abuse and criminal harassment.  The only real crime was sending mass marketing email to countless members of an international church.


The United States senior Mormon Minister Tim Stanlic dubbed local Barrie, Ontario, Canada Minister Matthew Swain a "church planter".  Matt and Rene were actually friends since 2010.  In 2012, Tim convinced Matt to contravene Matthew 5:25 of The Holy Bible (the part that advises not to go to court).  Matt contacted the police with allegations of child abuse.


Two City Of Barrie police detectives visited Mr. Helmerichs on 1 Sept 2012.  Detective Tanya Lynch inspected the residence while detective Troy Armstrong kept Mr. Helmerichs outside.  Rene did ask for a search warrant, but Tanya insisted none was needed.  Rene did record the conversation if a lawyer would like to contact .


The 1 Sept 2012 police conduct was suspicious.  It wasn't until 2013 that Mr. Helmerichs discovered the report from detective Lynch.  Ms. Lynch described the home as unfit for the care of a child.  The detective claimed there was lack of food in the cupboards and never bothered to consider that the home was owned by a truly loving family.  Rene simply took his son for a walk across the street every three days so that food would not unnecessarily pile up in the house.  What reason is there to hoard canned food?


On 1 Sept 2012, detectives Tanya Lynch and Troy Armstrong warned Mr. Helmerichs not to email the Mormon church again.  This was the real reason for the visit.  On 1 Sept 2012, there was no mention of criminal harassment to the Mormon Treasurer Natalie Yewchyn.


This will sound absurd.  On 1 Sept 2012, City Of Barrie police detectives insisted that Mr. Helmerichs is not allowed to ask a church for help market a living story designed to demonstrate The Holy Spirit to every living person on earth.  Is Mr. Helmerichs a psychic?  Certainly not.  If we do not retain our free-will choice to affect our personal futures, there is no purpose for any hope to exist in any ever-changing reality where none can be absolutely sure of anything.


Detective Tanya Lynch insisted that police will arrest Mr. Helmerichs if he continues this story.  This story is a real-time story.  That means that the future is NOT written BUT assured.  Simple: because the world is always changing, we can only be certain that a united, limitless, non-linear state exists to support the motion of every electron.  In the end, there is only one Heaven common to all.  We exist in Hell right now, this very moment, because this environment is not heaven and is clear driven by desire.


On 3 Sept 2012, Mr. Helmerichs emailed the international Mormon corporation one more time. 


Rene Helmerichs copied the 3 Sept 2012 email to 100 other email addresses.  Mr. Helmerichs then approached a random City Of Barrie police officer.  Mr. Helmerichs calmly asked police officer Douglas Henderson to arrest Mr. Helmerichs at Johnson's Beach in Barrie, Ontario, on 3 Sept 2012.  Mr. Helmerichs brought his voice recorder to record the arrest.


Mr. Helmerichs provides a transcript of the original 3 Sept 2012 arrest in the youtube video at


Mr. Helmerichs is a dedicated teacher.  Police had never before arrested Mr. Helmerichs. 


Outside the office of Mr. Helmerichs at Georigan College hung a poster of The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms, the first chapter of the current Constitution of Canada.  Mr. Helmerichs believed the Canadian justice system is fair.  After all, that is what the Canadian government advertises.


Barrie police Sergeant Douglas Henderson asked Mr. Helmerichs why he wanted to be arrested.  Mr. Helmerichs clearly stated the intention to write a book in the transcript from 3 Sept 2012:


On 3 Sept 2012, Barrie police Sergeant Douglas Henderson agreed to arrest Mr. Helmerichs.  Mr. Henderson specifically agreed to take Mr. Helmerichs to the police station to begin criminal proceedings. 


The Canadian police Sergeant deceived Mr. Helmerichs.  Instead of taking Mr. Helmerichs to the police station on 3 Sept 2012, Mr. Henderson incarcerated Mr. Helmerichs into Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH) in Barrie, Ontario.


Mr. Henderson claimed that Mr. Helmerichs is "of harm to himself or others."  In all honesty, Mr. Helmerichs willingly surrendered himself into the custody of Mr. Henderson.  For Mr. Henderson to insist that Mr. Helmerichs is "of harm" is exactly to claim that The Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services is incompetent.  What is the purpose for isolation in a jail?  Did police officer Henderson, whom Canadian tax-payers paid the 2017 annual salary of $131,086, not know that Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC; the regular jail) has a psychiatrist on staff and a separate psychiatric ward for "dangerous" criminal offenders?


The first doctor at RVH, Mr. Evans, was not a psychiatrist and not a lawyer.  The doctor never studied the law.  The doctor told police to remove the voice recorder from Mr. Helmerichs.  Police officer "Brad" entered the locked room of RVH on the morning of 3 Sept 2012 and assaulted Mr. Helmerichs before removing the audio recorded. 


Mr. Evans then interviewed Mr. Helmerichs.  No less than six City Of Barrie police officers waved and laughed at Mr. Helmerichs through the large RVH window.  Clearly Mr. Evans would agree to whatever police desired since police refused a verbatim recording of the incident.


The police told the doctors that Mr. Helmerichs is trying to hurt others.  That is clearly also a criminal allegation, so why did police not do as they said they would, and indoctrinate Mr. Helmerichs into the criminal justice system?


The City Of Barrie police faced a problem.  Mr. Helmerichs was not "of harm to self or others" because a police officer already agreed to arrest Mr. Helmerichs for a criminal offence!


Barrie police detective Brian Read provided an illegal solution on 4 Sept 2012.  Mr. Helmerichs did not discover the 4 Sept 2012 report until 2013. 


The very next day, after the arrest on 3 Sept 2012, detective Brian Read (ID 731) fabricated evidence.  That's a strong accusation.  It is fully supported in this open letter.  Mr. Read declared that police arrested Mr. Helmerichs on 3 Sept 2012 for criminally harassing the Mormon Treasurer, Ms. Natalie Yewchyn.  Remember, on 3 Sept 2012, Barrie police officer Douglas Henderson explicitly told Mr. Helmerichs that the criminal arrest is for possession of a very small amount (3.5 grams) of marijuana:


The 4 Sept 2012 report demonstrates that City Of Barrie police lied about the 3 Sept 2012 arrest, or, more accurately, fabricated evidence on 4 Sept 2012 to try to avoid a legal landslide.  (Yes, Mr. Helmerichs did understand the ultimate outcome of this story, although there are truly infinite combinations to arrive at the same one final outcome of worldwide sustainable peace).  Find a copy of the 4 Sept 2012 report at:


Mr. Helmerichs spent the next 2 months imprisoned in Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) at Barrie.  Mormons accused Mr. Helmerichs of child abuse and criminal harassment.  Barrie detective Brian Read added that Mr. Helmerichs might also be making bombs on 4 Sept 2012. 


Barrie Royal Victoria Hospital psychiatrists Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla insisted that Mr. Helmerichs is delusional.  Mr. Helmerichs attempted to argue for his right to self-defend against the criminal allegations.  The result of arguing with psychiatrists led the psychiatrists to forcibly medicate Mr. Helmerichs.  The medication was a tranquilizer.


Mr. Helmerichs insisted to the psychiatrists that medication cannot change the thinking process of an individual if the individual does not believe in the medication.  In fact, Rene's Dad actually stood up and clapped at a 22 Oct 2012 hearing at RVH.  Rene's Dad specifically said, "Great speech" (trying to explain to the prevailing psychos that our innate thinking processes cannot be altered with magical potions or pills).


The psychiatrists, on the other hand, didn't care.  Psychiatrists never explained to Mr. Helmerichs what the medication was supposed to accomplish.  Psychiatrists assumed that our minds exist within our brains, and not without our physical bodies.  Logically however, if any afterlife exists (and truly there does!) then we must retain ability for awareness after physical death.  Fact of an afterlife (as Rene, who's recalled fragments of at least 7 different past lives) entails that spirit retains the ability to think and cannot therefore be affected by any physical substance unless our superficial belief structure accommodates for the magical belief.


The psychiatrists continually repeated, "You are delusional.  A delusional individual is not aware of the delusion.  You are not admitting to your crimes.  You need this medication to make you well."


This is currently happening all over the world.


Mr. Helmerichs spent years arguing with psychiatrists in Canada but, as the psychiatrists admit, "a delusional psychiatrist is not aware that a patient should be allowed to challenge the psychiatrist in court of law."


Rene's Taiwanese wife Lindsay was visiting Rene at the time.  Psychiatrist Anjana Chawla insisted that Rene was not allowed to have supportive visitors visit while he was undergoing psychiatric mental health therapy.  Go figure.


Lindsay arranged an earlier flight because psychiatrist Anjana Chawla had Rene's Mum (Ingrid) convinced Rene is mental ill to understand his own illness.  Rene's Mum, Ingrid (born in 1950) respected the word of every physician (all psychiatrists are first regular physicians) is infallibly correct.  This left Lindsay in the horrible situation of understanding what Rene was trying to accomplish while needing to endure psychological terrors Ms. Chawla inflicted through Ingrid!


Psychiatrist Anjana Chawla had a sticky note attached to the radio at the nurse's control station: "Rene: no supportive visitors".  Ms. Chalwa made exception to allow Rene and Lindsay to have one final hug before Lindsay departed.  Lindsay slipped Rene his cell phone, a recording device.


Dear reader, if you were ever curious precisely what the 2.1 billion dollars of Ontario Mental Health reform supports, please read the 5-page transcript from the conversation between psychiatrist Anjana Chawla and Rene Helmerichs in the locked down ward of RVH recorded at about 1:30 pm on 26 Oct 2012: (.pdf)


The full 42-minute 26 Oct 2012 audio recording of "A Confidential Conversation: is available online at: (.mp3)


Highlights from 26 Oct 2012 confidential conversation include psychiatrist Anjana Chawla accusing Mr. Helmerichs of wanting to be "King of Barrie", and Mr. Helmerichs stating that he never said such a think.  If anything, the phrase should be "King Of World, and the internet counts."  At the end of the 26 Oct 2012 conversation, the psychiatrist directly threatens Mr. Helmerichs.  If Mr. Helmerichs continues to challenge her opinion, Ms. Chawla stated that she can keep Mr. Helmerichs incarcerated indefinitely. 


Psychiatrist Ms. Anjana Chawla forcibly medicated Mr. Helmerichs because the psychiatrist believed that Mr. Helmerichs was guilty of harassing the Mormon Treasurer.  The police did not allow Mr. Helmerichs to have a criminal trial, and Mr. Helmerichs was not aware of the 4 Sept 2012 police report.  Remember, Mr. Helmerichs arrived at the hospital after City Of Barrie police told Mr. Helmerichs that he is under arrest for possession of marijuana (which is now legal in Canada, by the way).


On 30 Oct 2012, psychiatrist Anjana Chawla agreed to release Rene Helmerichs.  In exchange, the psychiatrist ordered Mr. Helmerichs to continue receiving forced medication.  The psychiatrist took away the free right of Mr. Helmerichs to advocate for a shared non-religious, not physical, mind.


Psychiatrist Anjana Chawla told Mr. Helmerichs the injections would last approximately one year.  If Mr. Helmerichs did not return to the hospital for the regular injectins, Ms. Chawla could phone the police to bring Mr. Helmerichs with force.


Mr. Helmerichs continued to write about Ms. Chawla on the internet.  After just three weeks, on 22 Nov 2012, Mr. Helmerichs received his last injection.  How?


Psychiatrist Anjana Chalwa bribed Mr. Helmerichs to stop writing about her.  Ms. Chawla agreed to restore all rights to Mr. Helmerichs.  Ms. Chawla bribed Mr. Helmerichs to stop writing.  In exchange, the forced injections will stop. 


To demonstrate that Ms. Chawla truly believes Mr. Helmerichs was not cured, Ms. Chawla raised the dosage of the injection on 22 Nov 2012.  In fact, Ms. Chawla raised the dosage of every injection until she abruptly bribed Mr. Helmerichs to stop writing.


The Canadian government allows psychiatrists to presume guilt.  The Canadian government allows police officers to accuse individuals of criminal offences without allowing individuals to receive a criminal trial.  The Canadian government allows psychiatrists to bribe wrongfully accused individuals when they do not confess to false allegations.  And, The Canadian government is still unwilling to help Mr. Helmerichs correct all of the above injustices.



8. "Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters"


On 3 July 2015, after more than two years in jail, Mr. Helmerichs managed to bring a psychiatrist to court to address the issue of recording mental health assessments. 


In court on 3 July 2015, case file C-14-6966 at Barrie, Mr. Helmerichs asked the Ontario court of justice to allow a mental patient to have his statements, given for the purpose of a mental health assessment, to be audio-recorded.  After all, police have recording equipment to ensure honesty, and courtrooms record every sound uttered, so why not psychiatrists? 


"Psychiatrists in Canada are legally allowed to presume criminal guilt and to deny a mental health victim the ability to challenge psychiatric testimony?"  Yes.  That is what is currently happening in Canada.


Without a recording, Mr. Helmerichs cannot demonstrate that psychiatrists are actually committing major fraud.  Psychiatrists are directly lowering the standard of living of all Canadians because psychiatrists insist that pills can magically alter the thinking process of our spirit. 


For evidence that our minds are not confined to our bodies, perhaps review the outstand work of Dr. Raymond Moody J.R. (M.D. and Ph.D.) in a one-hour documentary (after thousands of medical cases of people dying for several days at a time and coming back to life), "Life After Life" at:


In court on 3 July 2015, Mr. Helmerichs stood head-to-head with Waypoint Centre For Mental Health Psychiatrist Mr. James Karagiansi.  Please note the response from psychiatrist James Karagianis on 3 July 2015. 


Mr. Helmerichs requested to have statements from Mr. Helmerichs, given for the purpose of a mental health assessment, recorded.  Mr. Karagianis refused on two grounds: a) a book says that patients should not be allowed to have their statements recorded; and b) Mr. Karagians is afraid that statements from Mr. Karagians will appear on the internet. 


Mr. Helmerichs did not request to record statements from the psychiatrist because there is already enough written reports from them.  Mr. Helmerichs only requested the court to allow mental health patients to be able to self-defend against psychiatric assertions in court of law. 


Find the 3 July 2015 court transcript wherein Mr. Helmerichs attempted to plead with the court for help to end Canadian psychiatric fraud (because, if the court allows Mr. Helmerichs to have mental health assessment audio recorded, common law (case law) allows this become a standard across all of Canada) at:


Ontario Court Of Justice Mr. C.R. Harris demonstrated Barrie courthouse corruption on 5 Aug 2015.  On 3 July 2015, the psychiatrist Mr. Karagians was the supervisor of Waypoint Centre For Mental Health Sciences psychiatrist Mr. William Komer.  On 5 Aug 2015, one month after Mr. Helmerichs asked the court for help to end psychiatric abuse, Judge Mr. Harris ordered Mr. Helmerichs to received forced medication injections. 


On 5 Aug 2015, psychiatrist Mr. Komer testified that Mr. Helmerichs did not know how to plead guilty in court.  On those grounds, Judge Mr. Harris decided that Mr. Helmerichs needs forced medical injections in order to learn how to plead guilty in court.  Judge Mr. Harris ordered Mr. Helmerichs to receive the injections, and ordered Mr. Helmerichs to return to Mr. Komer.  Mr. Komer objected to the return.  Instead, Mr. Komer told the court that Ontario's leading mental hospital cannot help Mr. Helmerichs.  Judge Mr. Harris then ordered Mr. Helmerichs to be sent to Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Sciences in Whitby, Ontario, for the injections.


The full 5 Aug 2015 court transcript is available in a .pdf document at


The 5 Aug 2015 courtroom proceedings for case file C-14-6966 demonstrates that the Ontario Cour Of Justice at Barrie is a complete waste of tax-payer resources because Mr. Helmerichs plead guilty on 24 Feb 2015 for a related criminal charge.  The transcript from 24 Feb 2015 demonstrates that Mr. Helmerichs does know how to plead guilty, and that Mr. Komer's intentions were completely malicious. 


Find the transcript of the 24 Feb 2015 Orillia, Ontario, courtroom proceedings at


Additional evidence demonstrating medical malpractice of Mr. Komer is found in the 5 Aug 2015 transcript from Mr. Komer himself.  Mr. Komer admits that Mr. Helmerichs attempted to correct false information on which Mr. Komer relied.  At no time did Mr. Komer actually consider that what Mr. Helmerichs was saying is actually true.  As there was also not the ability for a voice recording, all we know have is the very court transcript in the words of Mr. Komer himself.



9. To what crime did Mr. Helmerichs plead guilty on 24 Feb 2015?


Mr. Helmerichs was arrested for self-defense.  Mr. Helmerichs attempted to advertise this story on the internet, and was promptly re-arrested.


After psychiatrists Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla refused Mr. Helmerichs a criminal trial (and presumed Mr. Helmerichs guilty of a crime without allowing Mr. Helmerichs to defend against the allegation), Mr. Helmerichs attempted to complain to police.  Police arrested Mr. Helmerichs a second time on 2 March 2013.  From 2 March 2013 until 30 June 2014 (16 months), police kept Mr. Helmerichs continually in solitary confinement in different institutions. 


At the June 2014 trial for the original criminal allegation of criminal harassment to the Mormon treasurer Ms. Natalie Yewchyn, judge Gregory Mulligan ordered that Mr. Helmerichs is not allowed to submit the 4 Sept 2012 police report.


The 4 Sept 2012 police report states that police arrested Mr. Helmerichs for criminally harassing Mormon Treasurer Natalie Yewchyn on 3 Sept 2012 (recall this is a lie because police actually arrested Mr. Helmerichs for possession of marijuana).  The Constitution of Canada states that an individual cannot be arrested a second time for the same offence after being convicted of the offence.  Since police denied Mr. Helmerichs the right to defend against the allegations, the 4 Sept 2012 report actually required Judge Gregory Mulligan to end the June 2014 trial in favor of Mr. Helmerichs.


Ontario prosecutor Kathryn Hull listed the 2 March 2013 criminal allegation as an indictable offence.  Indictable means that the information for the allegation is older than 6 months.  It was exactly 6 months from 3 Sept 2012 until 2 March 2013.  Therefore, Ontario prosecutor Ms. Kathryn Hull used the same information to imprison Mr. Helmerichs, after police presumed guilt and imprisoned Mr. Helmerichs for 2 months from 3 Sept 2012 to 30 Oct 2012.  Recall the first two psychiatrists insisted that Mr. Helmerichs is guilty without giving Mr. Helmerichs a criminal trial for the initial allegations.


The allegation of child abuse was also false.  The Mormon Minister used a picture of three mosquito bites to accuse Mr. Helmerichs of child abuse.  A 2 Sept 2012 email offers an apology to senior Mormon Minister Kris Hull (Matthew's immediate supervisor): (.pdf)

Included is also a picture of the mosquito bites, enlarged in this photo:


Prosecutor Kathryn Hull attempted to help Mr. Helmerichs at the June 2014 trial.  Prosecutor Kathryn Hull offered Judge Gregory Mulligan a redacted version of the 4 Sept 2012 police report. 


A redacted version is the same as the original version except a black marker hid any references to mental health issues.  Mr. Gregory Mulligan ordered that the jury should not see the redacted police report because the police report still showed the illegal first arrest. 


The case file was C-13-205-SR.  Mr. Helmerichs argued about the report with the judge for an entire afternoon during the 30 June 2014 trial for permission to use the 4 Sept 2012 report.  Judge Gregory Mulligan was the Ontario Superior Court Of Justice trial judge for C-13-205-SR at Barrie.


Evidence of malicious prosecution did not end with a guilty conviction on 30 June 2014. 


The trial Judge Mr. Mulligan ordered that Mr. Helmerichs is not allowed to submit any information for a mental health defense. 


Mr. Mulligan allowed The Mormon Treasurer to give false testimony in court (specifically: Natalie Yewchyn stated that she never emailed Mr. Helmerichs when in truth she voluntarily initiated many email conversations and invented Mr. Helmerichs to her residence over the course of an entire year.  The meetings occurred at least once per week, and often two or three times, when other locations are also taken into account).  For more specific information, with details and supporting documents, about perjury allowed in C-13-205-SR, see pages 67 to 73 of this 7 March 2019 (.pdf):


Also evidence of intentional malicious prosecution, Mr. Mulligan ordered Mr. Helmerichs to be imprisoned in a mental hospital on 30 June 2014 after telling the jury that Mr. Helmerichs is released from custody.


For sixteen months Mr. Helmerichs sat in solitary confinement in the mental ward isolation cells of Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC), and Mr. Helmerichs was not allowed to submit evidence of mental health a the June 2014 trial?


Over one dozen separate Psychiatric Form 1s accompanied Mr. Helmerichs to court during the 16 month period.  Mr. Helmerichs recalls one particular court appearance before Ontario Superior Court Judge Ms. Michele Furst on 3 Feb 2014.  (The name is correct, the date may be approximate).  A mandatory Bail review hearing was the purpose of that particular hearing.  Mr. Helmerichs specifically asked Ms. Furst, "Your honor, if you grant me bail, these handcuffs never come off.  The Form 1 that is attached to the papers in front of you requires you to imprison me into a hospital after you allege to grant me interim release from custody, so what is the point of me being in court today for an Interim Release From Custody review hearing if you do not have the authority to release me from custody?"


Judge Gregory Mulligan ordered Mr. Helmerichs to return into prison after telling the jury that Mr. Helmerichs is released from custody on 30 June 2014.  The handcuffs were never removed.  Mr. Helmerichs spent Canada Day (1 July 2014) handcuffed to a hospital bed at RVH in Barrie.  The 1st of July was a holiday.  There were no psychiatrists in the hospital.  On 2 July 2014, RVH psychiatrists ordered Mr. Helmerichs transferred back to Waypoint Center For Mental Health in Penetanguishene, Ontario. 


Mr. Jeffrey Van Impe was the first Waypoint psychiatrist assigned to Mr. Helmerichs on 2 July 2014.  Mr. Van Imp previously interviewed Mr. Helmerichs on 18 June 2013 and 2 July 2013.  Mr. Helmerichs had a copy of the psychiatric report posted onto the internet.  Mr. Helmerichs informed Mr. Van Imp: "anything you do, or write, about me will be posted on the internet."  Mr. Van Imp promptly gave Mr. Helmerichs to another psychiatrist.  Mr. Helmerichs was released from the 2 March 2013 arrest on 4 July 2014.


On 8 July 2014, Mr. Helmerichs attempted to share this story on the internet.  Specifically, Mr. Helmerichs posted a summary of this story to date, and attended court in Barrie to privately swear charges against psychiatrists Mr. Liaqat Ali and Ms. Anjana Chawla.  The judge was very understanding, and blunt.  The judge told Rene: "look, you have great evidence here but I'll be frank.  It's up to the crown prosecutors to push the case and if they drop it, you can't reuse this evidence later."


The probation officer for Mr. Helmerichs was Ms. Tamara Williamson.  Ms. Williamson stated her duty to ensure that June 2014 trial judge, Mr. Gregory Mulligan, did not break the law.  Mr. Helmerichs already requested a retrial (on grounds of a massive error in law) in court on 30 June 2014.  Ms. Williamson did not advocate for justice.  Instead, Ms. Williamson accused Mr. Helmerichs of a crime for sharing this story on the internet on 8 July 2014 and had him arrested for trying to against psychiatrists with harmless and true writing on the internet.


Mr. Helmerichs was arrested a third time on 13 July 2014.  Mr. Helmerichs plead guilty to attempting to self-defend on 24 Feb 2015.  Judge Mr. W.G. Beatty accepted the plea of guilty in the Ontario court of justice at Orillia, Ontario, on 24 Feb 2015.



10. Didn't the police try to help?


Not at all.  In fact, the police were more interested in hurting a man that was abused by psychiatrists instead of actually administering justice.


When Mr. Helmerichs attempted to ask Social Worker Jayce Olver for help in November 2014, Ms. Olver complained to Orillia police.  Orillia police attempted to accuse Mr. Helmerichs of criminal harassment to Ms. Olver on 6 Nov 2014.  The police video recording of 6 Nov 2014 is available on youtube at:

6 Nov 2014 part 1 of 2:

6 Nov 2014 part 2 of 2:



11. "Body's aching all the time"


Ultimately, Mr. Helmerichs is still arguing with psychiatrists.


Rene decided to return to solitary confinement on 8 Dec 2014 for being left absolutely without any semblance of a normal life outside prison.  Actually, from inside prison Mr. Helmerichs could at least muster concrete evidence against psychiatrists: the 3 July and 5 Aug 2015 transcripts.


After the 5 Aug 2015 order to transfer Mr. Helmerichs to Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Science, Mr. Helmerichs met psychiatrist Mr. (male) Leslie Wong.


Mr. Dong, er, Wrong Wong, was not at all compassionate.  Mr. Wong insisted that Mr. Helmerichs is also not allowed to provide written answers to mental assessments. 


Previously, in August of 2013, Ontario Crown Prosecutors Kevin Sisk and Kathryn Hull ordered Ontario Shores to assess Mr. Helmerichs for fitness to stand trial.


In September 2013, Ontario Shores chief psychiatrist Ms. Karen Defraitas reported to the Ontario Court Of Justice that Mr. Helmerichs is sufficiently aware of the rules of court. 


In 2013, Ms. Defraitas administered the common multiple choice questions to determine that Mr. Helmerichs understands the role of everyone in court.  The multiple choice test cost Canadian tax payers over $50,000 Canadian dollars to administer.  To prevent the same mistake, Mr. Helmerichs asked his wife to post the answers into a blog post on the internet.


In August 2015, Wrong Dong, er, wtf Wong forcibly injected Mr. Helmerichs with medication that produced extreme physical discomfort after not accepting that the effin' answers were already posted to the internet!  Mr. Wong completely circumvented due moral practice to hastily administer the injection before The Patient Advocate Office could help Mr. Helmerichs order a stay. 


After the brutal injection, Wrong Dong then told Mr. Helmerichs that he had to pass the same multiple choice tests before the injections would stop.  Mr. Wong refused to accept that Mr. Helmerichs posted the answers onto the internet two years prior.  That wong idiot cost Canadian tax payers an additional unnecessary $50,000 Canadian dollars!


Finally Mr. Helmerichs had enough.  Mr. Helmerichs told ding dong Wong that he'll plead guilty to all charges.  Mr. Wong happily released Mr. Helmerichs back to court. 



12. "Goodbye everybody I've got to go"


On 16 Oct 2015 the Ontario court allowed Mr. Helmerichs to plead guilty just so that Mr. Helmerichs could be released from the criminal justice system and move to the Republic Of China.  The supremely unjust Court Of Ontario actually ordered Mr. Helmerichs to be released on Friday 16 Oct 2015, however, Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC) jail officials weren't sure if Barrie Crowns erred on the paperwork.  Evidently no one could believe that Mr. Helmerichs managed to escape further psychiatric abuse, so CNCC gave it a go.  CNCC refused to release Mr. Helmerichs on 16 Oct 2015 and kept him until Monday 19 Oct 2015 just to be sure.



13. "Spare him his life from this monstrosity"


Possibly the most screwed up part of this story is a guy named Wade Stevenson.  While at the Waypoint Insane Asylum in 2015, Mr. Helmerichs was complaining left, right, and centre to anyone who would listen.  It was Mr. Wade's job, as Psychiatric Patient Right's Advisor, to give Mr. Helmerichs suggestions on whom possibly to try to contact.  Mr. effin' Wade was so busy padding the pushup bra and painting the wrinkles off the face on his sagging, rotting, 50-year-old sack of meat that he completely and utterly failed at his job.  Wtf is a mentally confused transvestite doing working as a role model in a place trying to unconfused the hopelessly abused?!?!  Answer that one Ontario!



14. "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me for me for me"


Now we have a problem. 


Canada, we're in China now.  And this case is embedded everywhere:


Mr. Helmerichs is continuing to argue for all Canadians.  Mr. Helmerichs repeatedly asked The Ontario Ombudsman for help, and The Ontario College Of Physicians And Surgeons (CPSO), and The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (IPRD), and The Psychiatric Patient Advocacy Office in Toronto (and the local branches at the various hospitals), as well as dozens of Canadian police officers, several Ontario police stations, over a dozen Ontario court prosecutors, and the general Canadian public for help.


Mr. Helmerichs was not actually guilty of criminally harassing The Mormon Treasurer.  Mr. Helmerichs certainly did not abuse his son, and Mr. Helmerichs definitely was not making bombs. 


The Ontario Superior Court Of Justice judge Gregory Mulligan allowed two Mormon witnesses (the Mormon Minister Matthew Swain and The Mormon Treasurer Natalie Yewchyn) to give false testimony at the June 2014 trial for case file C-13-205-SR.  


The charge of Criminal Harassment does not exist in the Republic Of China criminal code.  The closest article that matches the Canadian conviction is Republic Of China Criminal Code Article 224.  Article 224 is sex offence in Taiwan.  Therefore, Taiwan law considers Mr. Helmerichs is a sex offender.  The Taiwan government does not allow sex offenders to be teachers.


Mr. Helmerichs is a teacher.  Mr. Helmerichs holds a Master's degree in Education.  Mr. Helmerichs is not allowed to work as a teacher in Taiwan because two Mormons lied about Mr. Helmerichs in Canada. 


Fundamentally, this is a really screwed up story.  Wouldn't you agree?


Guess what.  Every Christian church is fundamentally bound to follow the laws of the country in which it is registered as a corporate entity.  And Mr. Helmerichs becoming quite versed at using laws to fix laws.


Either we work together sooner, or we'll be working together later and you'll only rue the day more of ever having not helping Mr. Helmerichs establish a lasting peace on earth (an absolute end to religious arguments) sooner.


Maybe check out this 7 March 2019 filing against Mormons in Taiwan.  The suits will only get better, and if the government of Taiwan objects to very many more of them, well, that happens to be, directly, grounds for an international human rights lawsuit from any other country currently looking to make a larger splash across worldwide media headlines.  Here's the first lawsuit:



15. Vox Populi, Vox Dei


Here is how Vox Populi Vox Dei achieves sustainable worldwide peace (an absolute end to religious arguments and the way to once again offer the people of earth free unlimited energy supply): mutual cooperation for a better future together.


Vox Populi, Vox Dei is Latin for "the voice of the people is the voice of God."  God and Allah are the exact same commonly shared deity.  Everyone has a unique experience with God, and a personal name for God.  There is absolutely no point to argue about the name of something that is commonly shared (and commonly available) for all eternity.


For a description of "The Holy Spirit" using only logic and math notation to describe, refer to "ISIS, extremists, and Christian fanatics" at


For a letter to The Lutheran Church warning if it is unwilling to honour this request on behalf of our common Christ, refer to "給財團法人基督教台灣信義會 (Lutheran Church)"


This post warns The Roman Catholic Church of impending legal action: "Ultimately to help all Canadians finally eliminate the G.S.T." at



16. To the churches


For the churches, Mr. Helmerichs states: "I am a baptized Lutheran.  I advocate for The Holy Spirit which is common to everyone, including all Muslims and all atheists as well.  In the name of Jesus Christ, our savior, and your Holy Spirit (what I know to be my own wholey mind), and our Father in Heaven (whatever you think when you hear me say that because I know us as something else), please send this message to all members of your church in ever corner of the world: The greater Ontario government (GOG), and majestic asses governing other governments (MAGOG), are gradually lowering the quality of life for everyone on earth.  Please have every Christian on this planet confirm that we advocate for the same one global spirit of Christ by signing the petition containing this letter at ".


Are the egos of the leaders of the companies calling themselves Christian churches going to agree to this?  Probably not.  Luckily there exists the international court of law to argue the details of one commonly shared spirit, vox populi, vox dei (by popular legal opinion).


As trivia for the Christian presidents: do you know that old name for The Holy Spirit is Eloheem (correctly spelled ELOHEEEM, for proper pronunciation emphasis)? 


"Eloheeem" means "of the collective (everlasting, limitless spirit)".  In modern English, the concept is preserved within the greater definition of genius.  The plural form of "genius" is "genii" (in English), and a genii is able to grant wishes (not just three).  The reason why every genii can provide the legal understanding for obtaining any desire is specifically because of the direct acknowledge for a singular eternal Eloheeem.  A genius understands that the principle for consistency of law underscores the fabric of life itself.  In other words, a genii uses the fact that "everything not mutually exclusive must support itself" to bridge any understanding gap.  This is the same as stating: "Because Allah, therefore, the answer to every question is ultimately "Yes."  Incidentally, that is also why the verb "to be" in Chinese commonly means "Yes."


There is only one of us, united and whole, in any eternal state.  Why continue to argue about different concepts for the same limitless state?  Your job, churches, is to help people live it--not just to tell people to give you money for a fictional piece of it.


There is also the matter of the tithing principles.  Nowhere in the bible does it actually state that God wants people to give 10% to your church.  In fact, the bible quite clearly states that God and Money are two separate masters.  That means you'll actually deceiving your clients by pretending to sell them future seats in a heavenly state that they're already with right now.


Then there's the matter of Mary, mother of Jesus.  If in three hundred years people write that I was 10 feet tall with a ball sack the size of two basketballs (ya, we'll still have those in three hundred years--and if I'm wrong, bah, we'll still have those)... don't believe everything you read.  J was quoted as saying "it's enough for a student to become like the teacher".  What that phrase means is that one cannot be greater or less than another in any eternal reference.  Thus, to assure consistency, neither can the eternal spirit offer a special birth to those of us who seek to accomplish a lucid eternal reality in fluid daytime walking in any current sojourn on earth.  In other words, Mary wasn't a virgin so get your head out of her ass and start helping our heathen cannibalistic (Eucharist) Roman Catholics ensure all of-age school girls refuse birth control?


Lord of Hosts = GOD

Redeemer = not God.

Insane = doing the same thing in the exact same way and expecting change

Christ = the mind of GOD and not God, therefore the difference between OD and od.

Honest = most honed (implies that any two who meet will auto-tune each other to their shared concept for honesty... and that the mind of one person is like a spiritual magnet picking at, not up, the clutter of everything in one's surroundings until all knots are teased and dots connected back to the same-steady eternal state of everlasting Grace)


Ontario Attorney General: it'll take just one short letter for you to make all of this end a lot more pleasantly for the government officials already loathing having ever met Me.  What we really need to do is email me: .

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