Massive Psychiatric Corruption in Canada

Massive Psychiatric Corruption in Canada

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Rene Helmerichs started this petition to President Of The People's Republic Of China 國家主席 and

We the supporters of this petition require The Canadian Government to make one critical change to its judicial practice: psychiatrists are not allowed to incarcerate individuals for criminal allegations without first beginning formal criminal proceedings.


This change restores the authority of moral judgment to the judge, and courts of law in Canada.


Currently, Canadian psychiatrists are allowed to incarcerate individuals for criminal allegations without ever offering the accused offender the right to refute the allegation.


This request is completely in according with The Constitution Of Canada, specifically, The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms (the first section of the larger Constitution Act). 


The current law in practice in Canada allows police officers to arbitrarily arrest an individual and imprison the individual in any Canadian hospital (if no mental ward exists, a physical is allowed to request the police officer to handcuff the patient to the bed until an ambulance can take the criminal offender to a more suitable asylum).  And, at the very large Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre, nurses and security guards are not legally allowed to hit any mental patient (these are oftentimes normal people who belong in a low-cost jail but become pharmaceutical guinea pigs) who displays any amount protest!


The only requirement is for the police officer to declare the individual "of harm to self or others".  Thereafter, the current Mental Health Act of Canada allows the psychiatrist to place the accused individual under a 72-hour period of observation.  During the observation, the individual is not allowed to have his or her statements recorded. 


The current practice of law in Canada (quite different from the constitutionally assured rights) allows psychiatrists to detain the individual indefinitely without ever receiving a judicial trial for the criminal allegation.


In support of the above strong statements, please refer to a 3 July 2015 court transcript for case file C-14-6966 at Barrie, Ontario.  On 3 July 2015, Rene Helmerichs stood in court attempting to ask the judge to order psychiatrists to allow mental health patients to have their statements (given for the purpose of a mental health assessment) to be verbatim recorded.  The principle of common law ("case law") in Canada would have applied the rule to all Canadians. 


One should wonder why psychiatrists are not already allowing patients to have their statements at least audio-recorded, given the legal ability to verify statements has been commonplace in all honest courts of law for a long time now.  However, on examining grounds for dismissing the reasonable request, one quickly realizes that a patient, with verbatim recording of the mental health assessment, is then judicially empowered to expose any deceit (or otherwise fraudulent psychiatric action) in court of law.


There is a perfect example of psychiatric deceit, and coercion, included in the appendix of a larger 26 July 2018 (.pdf) document titled "A Confidential Conversation":


The result of empowering wrongfully accused mental health victims with the ability to challenge the testimony of a psychiatrist in court is a very expensive proposition to a government currently allowing psychiatrists the equivalent of total courtroom supremacy.


As a specific example of psychiatrists imprisoning individuals for criminal offenses without ever offering the accused the constitutionally assured judicial trial, please refer to a 4 Sept 2012 City Of Barrie (Ontario, Canada) police report authored by Detective Brian Read (badge ID 731).


Both the 3 July 2015 transcript and the 4 Sept 2012 report are also included in the appendix to that larger .pdf document (really just look at the appendix pages of the file, since the other sections are already out of date in this larger story for sustainable worldwide peace).  The (26 July 2018 larger) .pdf (titled "The Choice) is directly linked at:


Also included in the appendix to the 26 July 2018 .pdf are court transcripts for 24 Feb 2015, and 5 Aug 2015.  On 5 Aug 2015, psychiatrist William Komer testified that Rene Helmerichs is mentally ill, and in dire need of forced mediation, because: a) Rene Helmerichs was only reciting Criminal Code section numbers (after Mr. Komer insisted to ask the exact same question so many times that a simple Criminal Code section number became, simply, the most streamlined answer); b) Rene Helmerichs does not know how to plead guilty in court (this was an outright false statement); c) that Rene Helmerichs was incorrect to try to correct inaccurate information on which Mr. Komer relied.


Specifically about Mr. Komer, Mr. Komer insisted that Rene Helmerichs did not know how to plead guilty and then had the court order Rene Helmerichs to be forcibly injected (again).  However, as the transcript of 24 Feb 2015 clearly shows, Rene Helmerichs did know how to plead guilty because he did plead guilty and therein is the information on which Mr. Komer relied also demonstrated as inaccurate. 


It was completely inappropriate for a psychiatrist to accuse a patient of mental disorder while the patient was trying to explain to the psychiatrist that the psychiatrist was looking at incorrect judicial information.


Furthermore, the single fact that Rene Helmerichs only entered the formal judicial structure of Canada to address the problem of allowing psychiatrists to presume guilt (and deny a criminally accused individual the right to enter the criminal justice system in Canada).


This story began on 3 Sept 2012 when the first two psychiatrists, Mr. Liaqat Ali and Ms. Anjana Chawla, at Royal Victoria Regional Health Care Centre (RVH) in Barrie, Ontario, insisted that a Mormon Minister and a Mormon Treasurer did not lie to police about Rene Helmerichs. 


For a concise start to this breaking news story, see Exhibit 7 in a 7 March 2019 lawsuit against The Mormon LDS Church in Taiwan.  The Canada portion begins on page 56 in the 7 March 2019 .pdf at:


Exhibit 7 is referenced (and the lawsuit also linked) in the petition update "RO China Legal Aid Foundation tells foreigner to ask Mormon God for help to end Sesame Street fraud!" at


The petition update on 13 March 2019 is a letter to The Lutheran Church, .


Churches, please consider my baptism at birth to be my insurance policy.  In the name of Jesus Christ I am going to unite all Christian churches under one common concept for God which excludes any Christian references.  My definition for GOD is what the Muslims mean when they point up.


A funny note about the Catholic Church.  On 10 March 2019, the spirit lead me to see a Father Arthur at The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Church in Tainan City, Taiwan.  I sat and listened to a Catholic priest accuse Rodrigo Duterte (The President Of The Philippines) of heresy to the Catholic church.  It didn't stop there.  Father Arthur insisted that Mr. Duterte is a vigilante who has not respect for international human rights laws.  I'm working on transcribing the recording.  Father Arthur's English was less than par... and much, much worse than the English of The Filipinos in Taiwan whom the Kaohsiung City Mayor (in a Taipei Times front page article of 10 March 2019) accused of posing "psychological shock" to the Taiwanese people if hired as English teachers.  The Kaohsiung City Mayor might want to example the English ability of Catholic Priests whom the government of Taiwan allows to openly accuse foreign leaders of criminal activity. 


We can hear Father Arthur say the name "President Rodrigo Duterte" at time 34:32 (from the start of the recording) and then accuse The President of crimes for the next 2 or 3 or 4 minutes from recording time 34:32.  The question one must ask the Father is, "What purpose did accusing Mr. Duterte serve in your discussion of 'Menifesto of (Catholic) Faith'" if you are also not willing to help us ensure worldwide peace?  Have you shared this petition?  If we're not together... implicitly you are telling me that my spirit is not of your version of Christ.  It follows that you will accuse me of being the anti-christ, which leads me back to the unholy predicament of needing to argue with you in court about the core of your ideology (which is clearly the act of randomly accusing solid world leaders who might logically disagree that Mary, mother of your version of Jesus, conceived our Christ as a virgin).


Here's the recording of Father Arthur, pictured in the 14 March 2019 petition update (recording time 34:32 for President Duterte's name):


I'll work on completing the transcript of the recording for a future lawsuit against the Catholic Church (from Taiwan), since Father Arthur's act was actually a violation of a few Criminal and Civil code sections.  Here's a link to the (.doc) transcript of the 10 March 2019 recording (it's a work in progress):


We're batting for a sustainable worldwide economy, and that begins with an absolute end to religious arguments for, or against, mind.  Our minds are already eternal, and psychiatrists haven't a clue what mind actually is because they think that they can force someone to alter there moral foundation merely by injecting harmful physical substances in their body.


This update: 14 March 2019


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