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Taiwan promotes war?

Rene Helmerichs

Sep 21, 2018 — 

TO: National Immigration Agency (NIA), Ministry of the Interior, Republic Of China

Tainan City First Service Center, No.370, Sec. 2, Fuqian Rd., Tainan City, Taiwan (the fancy house in the picture)

RE: Help with Kidsland Sesame Street and owner Mr. Yide Lin (林義德)

Printable (.pdf) at 


First my sincere apologies, I am only asking for help.  But I really do need help, and real help.  The argument is now in Taiwan.  It will continue to grow internationally until we work to collapse it.


An accident happened.  It has absolutely destroyed my life.  It began in Canada. 


This is Taiwan.  The people here are so nice!  Many people are so supportive!  But Taiwan is also conservative.  And this is an added problem.  People say one thing, and do something else when the person isn't looking.  In Canada we call that deceit.  An example is Kidsland Sesame Street.


I found work at a school that told me they will help fix an ongoing crime in Canada.  They told me they believe in working together.  And they showed it in their contract when they removed the national Taiwan requirement for me to submit a criminal record paper!


See a copy the email from Kidsland Sesame Street manager Denise "Madness" Xu (徐乙彤) telling Rene not to provide a criminal record check at (.pdf)


The school was Kidsland Sesame Street.  The owner is Mr. Yide Lin (林義德).  He owns 13 school branches and a hospital.  The last time I met him was on 28 Dec 2017.  He patted me on the back and told me, again, "together."



I. The specific problem (from local 林義德 to China)

II. The China-Taiwan Argument

III. Taiwan violates The Nuremberg Principles (over 林義德)

IV. A Summary About Canada

V. A possible solution

VI. Next Steps (following NIA advise) ref




I. The specific problem


Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) is allowing three of his managers to give false statements to government of Tainan City officers, as well as the parents of about 2500 students, and hundreds of other Sesame Street employees. 


The managers are Clare Chiang (江佩樺), Denise Xu Biya (徐乙彤), and Stacy Huang Ziyu (黃姿瑜).  They work at the main branch of Kidsland Sesame Street.


The address of Kidsland Sesame Street main branch is 701台南市東區長榮路二段32巷6號, phone (06) 274-5257.


Does The Ministry Of The Interior for Taiwan allow Ms. Chiang (江佩樺) to continue to lie to The Tianan City Labor Affairs Bureau?


For a summary of a foreigner's attempt to ask for help in Taiwan about this, see the 7 Sept 2018 petition update at


The argument poses a direct threat to the national security of Taiwan. 


The threat is from China.  It is real.  China can use the information at the above link to begin a human rights case under The International Law Commission Nuremberg Principles.  The World Trade Organization can then enact embargoes against Taiwan to uphold the ruling.


The United Nations strongly indicates that it does not agree that Taiwan is separate from China.  On 28 Aug 2018, The Taipei Times reported, "No push for UN membership: source".  "The source said the [Taiwan] government plans to issue ... that the UN ends measures preventing ROC citizens from entering UN meetings and Taiwanese reports from covering them." 


The Taipei Times causes Taiwan to sound like an ant against a great China beast.  The international community bullies Taiwan in the exact same way that the Tainan Government has allowed Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) and Kidsland Sesame Street to bully foreigners.




II. The China-Taiwan Argument


On 1 Sept 2018, The Taipei Times reported "China prepping for all-out war: ministry report".  It begins, "The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) plans to be fully equipped to carry out a full-scale resumption of hostilities against Taiwan by 2020, a Ministry of Defense report released [31 Aug 201] showed.


The United Nations needs only one strong public way for China to takeover Taiwan peacefully in court.  An international human rights claim against Taiwan gives China necessary positive international attention.


If The National Immigration Agency of Tainan allows this case to become an international legal incident, this will allow The U.N. to tell everyone that its member countries have voted to prevent "a full-scale resumption of hostilities against Taiwan."


The U.N. will be able to paint the news "happy-happy".  They will show everyone that they are peaceful, and they really care about Taiwan. 


The U.N. will then explain that they have to allow China to take over the government of Taiwan in International Court to prevent military action. 


No one will question why The U.N. removed Taiwan from The U.N. in 1971.  No one will question why China was invited into the U.N. after exiling its democratic government for want of denying people the basic freedoms of peaceful protests and religious belief.


The focus is only the "happy-happy" that China will not need to hurt the environment to force its "One China" reality.


The Taipei Times article reported, "The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has not renounced its intention to conquer Taiwan through military means, and its adherence to the 'one China' principle.... China sees unification with Taiwan as the unwavering 'duty' of the CCP, [the Ministry of Defence report] added."


How is an international human rights claim possible against Taiwan?  Simple: the Nuremberg Principles from The International Law Commission.  They were enacted specifically to prevent war.


From Wikipedia:

> Principle I

Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment.

> Principle II

The fact that internal law does not impose a penalty for an act which constitutes a crime under international law does not relieve the person who committed the act from responsibility under international law.

> Principle III

The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law, acted as Head of State or responsible government official, does not relieve him from responsibility under international law.




III. Taiwan violates The Nuremberg Principles


A sample of specific details including names of officiers, dates, events, and government file numbers are cited at


In summary, police in Tainan City, Taiwan, appear not to be upholding justice for the people of The Republic Of China.  The statement sounds horrible.  However, police insist The Labor Affairs Bureau should act, and The Labor Affairs Bureau insists the prosecutors should do it.  The Tainan District Court Prosecutors Office referred the matter back to police, and nothing at all has been done to fix the problem since police involvement began in March of 2018.


Is it normal for Taiwan to spend six months to investigate a case of fraud that involves a company of 300 employees and thousands of clients?  Consider the 20 Aug 2018 Taipei Times article "Interior minister lauds police for speedy arrest".  A mere thief who stole only NT$500,000 was tracked and arrested in one day. 


The large education group, Kidsland Sesame Street, is publicly permitted to deceive its clients and the local government merely for more revenue? 


Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) further attempts to conceal, illicitly retain, twice the amount of the 19 Aug 2018 robbery... and the government allows the school to retain its license to continue business as usual?


Kidsland Sesame Street school continues to deceive its clients, with reputation harm and loss of income directly to a foreign teacher.  Now The National Immigration Agency is directly involved.  This only serves to assist China in its bide to conquer Taiwan unless we work together to collapse the argument.


Isn't it fraud when school managers are allowed to lie to the parents of the students, and demand that the teachers cover up Kidsland crimes, just so that Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) can gain higher revenue?


If we work together, this story could actually help Taiwan!  Will the National Immigration Agency help a foreigner who is sincerely asking for help to help all people in Taiwan?  It sounds ridiculous, but the real law and the practiced law are not the same.


Ms. Chiang (江佩樺) gave these false statements to The Tainan City Labor Bureau on 4 May 2018:


1) First, she lied about why she fired Rene.  Rene was really fired because he asked students' parents for help.  On 28 Dec 2017, managers Denise Xu (徐乙彤) and Stacy Huang (黃姿瑜) threatened to fire Rene if students' parents discovered that Kidsland Sesame Street removed the criminal record requirement from Rene's contract before hiring him;


2) Secondly, Ms. Chiang gave a false reason for firing Rene.  Ms. Chiang said that Rene did not provide a criminal record check, but Rene told it to her, and she removed the requirement for a paper copy from the contract (so... she fired Rene for not giving a piece of paper that she asked him not to give.) ref (.pdf) ;


3) Thirdly, Ms. Chiang lied to say that Rene needed to submit a criminal record check when she fired him.  Rene is married in Taiwan to his best friend of 12 years, and does not need a work permit.  The rule Ms. Chiang claims Rene broke was only for teachers who need to apply for a new work permit;


4) Then Ms. Chiang told The Labor Bureau that she will rehire Rene if Rene can show her that he can legally work in Taiwan.  He is currently working at a university.


5) Lastly, since Rene is actually really innocent in Canada, this is an international incident and requires international attention.  Ms. Chiang is directly harming the government of Taiwan because mainland China can begin a human rights case under The International Law Commission Nuremberg Principles IF enough of the local government does not act to stop ongoing fraud, and false rumours, about Rene that started in Taiwan at Kidsland Sesame Street.




IV. A Summary About Canada


My name is Rene Helmerichs.


The Argument began in Canada with a woman, Natalie Yewchyn (now Natalie.Kelloway who lied.  She told police a false story. 


I tried to argue with it.  That only made it worse.  I learned what "Anything you do and say can and will be used against you" means in the worst way.  I spent three years in jail in Canada trying to stop a false rumour, without success.


In Canada, when the woman lied to police, the police believed her story and arrested me for it.  They presumed guilt and did not give me a criminal trial.  Instead, they told doctors that I was maybe also making bombs?!  (Detective Brian Read #731 in a report dated 4 Sept 2012.)


Doctors declared me "of harm to others" and locked me into a hospital. 


For a short while, everyone believed the girl.  Finally a doctor understood.  It was Anjana Chawla, the date was 23 Oct 2012, the location was Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Center in Barrie.  I was released a week later.  Three more weeks passed before Ms. Chawla stopped forcibly injecting me.


Ms. Chawla was a psychiatrist.  After 22 Oct 2012, she declared that I am "of harm to myself" because someone may want to hurt me as a result of writing just like this. 


As a teacher, I took a pen and paper, and wrote down everything that I saw her do, that is actually against basic human rights.  I shared it all on the internet.  I mean, she was allowing strangers (patients in her hospital ward) to have sex without condoms, and she even managed to allow a lighter, needle, and crack pipe to be brought into the locked-down ward! 


Then she allowed a drug dealer to visit.  She administered that hospital like a complete joke.  The government of Ontario, Canada, paid her so much money for her "mental health" expertise, but what was she really doing?


I wrote it in a letter.  I slipped the letter under the locked door to my wife.  Of course the doctors would not let me see or talk to my wife!  They only try to keep their secrets quiet!


My wife emailed the board of directors.  Janice Skott was among them.  Nurses ran into my room immediately.  Psychiatrist Ms. Chawla bribed me to take down the information.  She couldn't charge me because I was legally her property!  That was an even bigger joke!


So Ms. Chawla had to decide that I was all cured, that I am not mentally ill.  That I can have my right to refuse her injections restored.  She bribed me to take down information from the internet about her.  In exchange, she would stop all forced injections.  But, did she believe I was better?


Ms. Chawla RAISED the dosage of the last injection she forced me to take.  That means she did not believe that I was better.  Clearly the injections were not having any affect on my thinking (they were only causing me spinal pain). 


Ms. Chawla believes in witchcraft; I am showing the world that we really do share just one same mind.  That is why this is all still the very same argument, just in a different form.  You will not recognize the form now, because time has allowed it to change so much.  But I am at the point of the argument, and can therefore help you to collapse it.


When I went back to police to complain about the doctors, they gave me to lawyers.  Lawyers tried to say that I should not be allowed to appear in criminal.  Then I had to defend for my right to self-defend!  I don't expect you will believe this, but I spent 16 months in jail for the false rumour.  After 16 months, I had a trial.  After the trial, the judge sent me back to a doctor!


What was my crime?  The woman told police that I was contacting her against her wish.  She said that it scared her.  She said it began in 5 Feb 2011, at the birthday party of Barrie, Ontario, Mormon minister Matthew Swain.


Can I show that she's lying?  Of course!  I submitted emails at the trial for C-13-205-SR in Barrie in June 2014.  One email was from March 2012, almost a year later.  The woman asked a friend of mine and me for a lift to a spa! 


Find a copy of her police testimony and a few emails to show she's lying in the appendix to The Choice at


Do you know why we were even going there?  Because the woman asked both of us to go!  When I wouldn't give her a lift (personally, I didn't like her in a special way), she went crazy. 


Rumours didn't begin until July or August of 2012.  We were all friends.  They belonged to The Mormon Community Of Christ.  I asked the Mormons for help to build a school in Canada.  The school will certify teachers for the book A Course In Miracles.  I told them I was writing a story to advertise for it.  They really objected the idea that everyone shares just one God, and called the police in August of 2012. 


False rumours were used to contact the police.  The woman was actually repeatedly contacting me for dates, group meets, and other of her projects (she really just liked to argue about things).  She told police the exact opposite, and the Mormons backed her story.  The minister added that he thought I might be abusing my son!


As a result, my family thinks I've committed crimes that I did not commit (I've lost my family).  My mother has lost her house, and the government of Canada took away custody of my son!


Worse of all, no lawyer in Canada has helped me to correct the injustices that are still occurring against countless others.  Canada allows doctors to abuse mental health patients with forced injections, and a complete denial of the right of self defence. 


This is further described on the main page of the petition An Act Of Kindness, linked at .



V. A possible solution


This 31 March 2019

A Miracle March!

Where?  Kidsland Sesame Street of course!

Time? 13h00


To help Taiwan!  We definitely do NOT desire Taiwan to fall under communist regime.

See the 19 Sept 2018 petition update for the same notice


We need to really work together to share this story.  I am happy to write a new post to promote only The Walk For Joy, in support of Taiwan AND The United Nations, together, so that people begin to see the two together and will eventually only be able to ask The U.N., "Oh, Taiwan is not a member country?  Why not?" 


Taiwan does not need to make any further U.N. application for U.N. membership.  Rather, The U.N. will be asking TAIWAN to join!  And then Taiwan can say, "Sure, if you allow..."  This is precisely what Taiwan wishes, but cannot accomplish alone. 


So, let's work together.  I have the international story, you have a need.  It's the perfect combination for a peaceful breeding ground.






21 Sept 2018

There is a link to the confirmation message received, and a second link to the original email (to see all initial recipients) within this (.pdf) copy of this email regarding Kang Ning University Tainan Campus


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