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A Miracle March!

Rene Helmerichs

Sep 19, 2018 — 

Join the 31 March 2019 walk to end mental madness!  A party to help Taiwan!


When: Sunday 31 March 2019 @ 13h00

Where: In front of 林義德's hospital at the Kidsland Sesame Street main branch in Tainan City

No. 6, Lane 32, Section 2, Zhangrong Road, East District, Tainan City, 701


What: a happy walk/bicycle from Kidsland to Tainan City Hall!

Reason: promote Taiwan unity at United Nations summits, share honesty, meet new people, happily hear any problem with desire to work together to solve all, and, most of all, to celebrate life in Taiwan!


Why March?


A miracle depends on cooperation.  Everyone attending is willing to prevent the Chinese military threat against Taiwan!


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is bullying Taiwan yet Taiwan politicians allow their government to silently support businesses who bully its employees.  Here we talk to dream a better dream.  The communist coup will only stop when we make a stand together.  United we stand, divided we are conquered!  More about China below in III, IV, and the first link in V.




I. Why start at Kidsland?  Why not! 


Kidsland Sesame Street is an educational group built on the solid principles of working together!  Its vision is perfect:

Growing Up, Hand in hand, all of us the same.  As I grow, I need more friends, to work together, pursue together, and share our glories same.  Though there are many differences among us, we are still hand in hand ~ every one of us the same.  No matter what we do, or where we go, I do believe that walking together is the way!  Hand in hand we talk to dream, so goals become reality.


Kidsland owner Yide Lin (林義德) believes in working together.  His vision is pictured above.  Yet he allowed vice president Clare Chiang (江佩樺) to dismiss foreign teacher Rene Helmerichs for her own madness!  Ms. Chiang knows Rene is writing a book.  Its purpose is to unite science and religion. 


Ms. Clare Chiang hired Rene.  She knew he was in jail in Canada for this story.  She also knows that he did nothing wrong.  He was arrested after Mormons began a rumour.  The Mormon minister said Rene beat his son, the treasurer lied to hide how many men she hooked, and police added making bombs!  Rene only asked to prevent WWIII and end religious arguments about the word "God".  Rene spent three years in jail in Canada trying to fix a false rumour.  Instead, it only grew and grew.


Rene lost everything.  Canada left him homeless and took away his son.  Rene asked Kidsland Sesame Street for help to get his son back.  They agreed on 26 May 2017.


National Taiwan law required Kidsland to ask Rene for a criminal record check from Canada.  Clare Chiang (江佩樺) knew Rene was in jail, so she found a way around the law!  She liked his ambition to help Taiwan so much that she gave him more money, and a longer contract.


After a few months, Rene began this petition online.  Ms. Chiang feared Kidsland clients would misunderstand.  So she asked Rene to hide his past.  But Rene really does still need their help!  It's not ok to allow Kidsland to support a false rumour.  Because they refuse to fix it now, they've probably done it a million times before. 


Yide Lin (林義德) commits fraud while he allows "togetherness" and "friends" that deceive his clients exclusively to gain his company more money.


Ms. Chiang (江佩樺) fired Rene for asking the parents of his students for help in January 2018.  Then Ms. Chiang lied to the government of Tainan City.  She told The Labor Affairs Bureau that she fired Rene because he did not provide a criminal record check.  However, manager Denise Madness told Rene not to provide one! 


See a copy the email from Kidsland Sesame Street manager Denise "Madness" Xu (徐乙彤) telling Rene not to provide a criminal record check at (.pdf)


Ms. Chiang (江佩樺) broke the law when she asked Rene to commit fraud.  She broke the law when she gave false statements to her clients.  She  broke the law when she lied to the government.  And she broke the law when she fired Rene for asking for help. 


Yide Lin (林義德) asks parents of his kindergarten students, and all new mothers at his birthing hospital to trust his business.  But can we trust the managers to do their job?  Ms. Chiang wasn't the only one that lied.  She is just the scapegoat for all of her "friends".


The Miracle March to end mental madness is a walk to make real friends for life!  Real friends help each other in business, and in life.  They do not separate.


Here is the sad part.  Yide Lin (林義德) is an old man.  He owns a hospital and 13 Sesame Street branches in Tainan and Kaohsiung City.  Do you think he doesn't have government connections?




II. Why end at Tainan City Hall?


Rene asked Taiwan police and government officials for help to mediate with Yide Lin (林義德).  After all, "Taiwan police are super friendly to the foreigner teachers!" people say.  Names of some officers are found in the 7 Sept 2018 update "The Forgiving Piper Act II, act to help Taiwan too!" at


Police insisted that Rene is breaking the law for sharing information about Kidsland Sesame Street on the internet.  Police officers at the Tianan City 1st Precinct intentionally took statements out of context, and didn't tell Rene about a free lawyer service in Taiwan!  When Rene asked for help to being criminal proceedings, one police officer actually laughed.


Kidsland's vice president Clare Chiang (江佩樺) hired Rene.  She knew that Rene was in jail in Canada to write a story for the purpose of building a school.  She removed the national Taiwan requirement for a criminal record check from the contract.  After Rene started work, she demanded that Rene help her to commit fraud.  When Rene refused to break the law for this story, Ms. Chiang fired Rene.  She then went to police and charged Rene with ruining her reputation.


Police have allowed Ms. Chiang (江佩樺) to lie to The Tianan City Labor Affairs Bureau. 


Ms. Chiang (江佩樺) gave these false statements to The Tainan City Labor Bureau on 4 May 2018:

1) First, she lied about why she fired Rene.  Rene was really fired because he asked parents for help.  He shared his story that Canada put him in jail for a crime that he did not commit, after a group of Mormons began false rumours (explained in VII below);

2) Secondly, Ms. Chiang gave a false reason for firing Rene.  Ms. Chiang said that Rene did not provide a criminal record check, but Rene told it to her, and she removed the requirement for a paper copy from the contract (so... she fired Rene for NOT giving a piece of paper that she asked him NOT to give?  Crazy.);

3) Thirdly, Ms. Chiang lied to say that Rene needed to submit a criminal record check when she fired him.  Rene is married in Taiwan to his best friend of 12 years, and does not need a work permit.  The rule Ms. Chiang claims Rene broke was only for teachers who need to apply for a new work permit;

4) Lastly, Ms. Chiang told The Labor Bureau that she will rehire Rene if Rene can show her that he can legally work in Taiwan.  He is currently working at a university.  Ms. Chiang refuses to speak with Rene.


Fraud is intentionally deceiving the public for personal gain.  It is happening because Yide Lin (林義德) allows Clare Chiang (江佩樺), his vice president, to stop Rene from being honest.  That's deceit.  In Japan, the lack of honour and respect might cause Mr. Lin to commit suicide but this is all-loving Taiwan.  Mr. Lin is allowed to lie to parents about Rene, and other wrongdoings, to get more money for his businesses.


So far, Tainan police and prosecutors have allowed Ms. Chiang (江佩樺), and owner Yide Lin (林義德), to continue to commit fraud against thousands of people.  One prosecutor claimed there is "not enough evidence", and asked Rene to submit more, which Rene did.  Police have yet to notify Rene about his 28 June 2018 submissions. 


Other officers feel it is the job of The Tainan City Labor Affairs Bureau and not a police matter. 


The Tainan City Labor Affairs Bureau accepts that Ms. Chiang (江佩樺) lies, and has refused to help correct it.  The Bureau thinks the court should deal with it, but they also will not insist the court does it.


Do you think Yide Lin (林義德) does not have government connections?


Does this make our government sound like a caring government, or something a bit less honorable?


Yide Lin (林義德) is an old business man with a lot of money and a lot of connections through the tens of thousands of parents that his schools and hospital has served.  Maybe this is all just a misunderstanding.  Mr. Lin does insist he believes in working together. 


If Yide Lin (林義德) truly believes in what he tells others about "together", then he must pay the $1,080,000 NT (about 36,000USD) to which Rene is now legally entitled.  He will surely also provide Rene a renewed contract to help market for his business, instead of against it.  Rene will use all his resources to HELP Taiwan defend against China on the internet, and in real life.




III. What kind of government will you elect on 24 Nov 2018?


Elections are coming up.  Politicians are worried about their jobs.  Maybe they think that extra money from businesses like Kidsland will give them job security?


The only way to help our government stay honest is to share.  Share all news like this on the internet!  Share it when TV news companies like SET TV refuse to help politicians remain honest!


It is ok to call this crazy.  In fact, it is absurd, completely ridiculous!  But it is really happening, and it is hurting a lot of people, including you.


China is preparing for a military attack on Taiwan.  On 1 Sept 2018, The Taipei Times reported "China prepping for all-out war: ministry report".  The article said that The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), China, "sees unification with Taiwan as the unwavering 'duty' of the CCP". 


Do you know that China can take over Taiwan without force? 


There is enough information with real names of officers are found in the 7 Sept 2018 update "The Forgiving Piper Act II, act to help Taiwan too!" at


China can petition The International Law Commission to begin a human rights lawsuit against Taiwan.  China can request The United Nations member countries to assist us ensure honesty!  The World Trade Organization can set embargoes against Taiwan until its police, prosecutors, and politicians publicly show respect to help its citizens uphold the law.


We need to work together to help Taiwan.


There are good people in Taiwan right now who really want to work together to stop China from attacking Taiwan in the future.  We can also stop China from launching a human rights lawsuit.  If that happens, it will only be bad business for democracy and religious beliefs in Taiwan.


Contact your local political candidates today!




IV. About making real gold


Do you understand both gold and diamonds are naturally made the same way underground?


We can man-make diamonds artificially.  They are identical to natural diamonds in every way.  Why do you think that we cannot make gold?


It IS possible to make real gold.  I've written ideas in The Dissertation For Worldwide Peace at


There is a problem with gold.  Gold represents the idea behind money.  If a company makes gold, that company can build an international bank.  That bank will be independent from the rest of the world. 


First world governments cannot allow a poor country to make real gold.  The stock markets will tumble.  There will be bank-runs.  A bank-run means many people will withdrawal money because they fear the stock market will collapse. 


Banks leverage our money to buy stocks.  They buy far more stocks than the money they actually have.  With less money, they will need to sell stock and option positions quickly.  That will really cause the stock market to crash.  All of that can, and will, happen if a single person teaches a poor country how to make real gold.


Taiwan is a poor country.  Taiwan is also a rich country.  Taiwan was a founding member of The United Nations.  The United Nations kicked Taiwan out of its little club in 1971.  Instead, it invited China in.  China has a bigger economy. 


China backs the United States dollar.  It invested heavily into the U.S.A. when major banks forced Bear Sterns, also a major bank, into bankruptcy.  How did major banks crash the stock market in 2008? 


Major U.S.A. banks refused to trade stocks with Bear Sterns over a principle disagreement.  The C.E.O. of Bear Sterns decided to support the struggling people, instead of the rich robots who are still learning what compassion means.


We face a new problem.  The knowledge of making real gold is threatening to The United Nations; we can mitigate this madness, but only together.




V. The Holy Grail Award


Here is what we can do.  Taiwan can begin The Holy Grail award! 


This award is briefly explained in a document shared with the president of Taiwan on 13 Sept 2018, (.doc) at


It's a walk to show support to work together.  While we walk, we'll talk.  We'll talk to understand our thinking.  We'll talk to dream, #talk2dream of course!


Our thinking stops us to solve our problems, given a singular eternal sentience does truly exist.  Eternal must always be the same, always trying to help each of us solve our difficulties! 


The real question is, will church leaders accept it? 


A church that accepts this pledge to end confusion about the word "mind", worldwide, will show support.  The intent of this petition is to help science with precisely that confusion.  The main page is linked under "An Act Of Kindness" above, or


Our minds are already eternal.  Muslim, Mormon, and me alike, we needn't attend a special bath to vanquish hateful spirits.  We need only invite them in to help us, and then question every idea they give us to make sure none of it can hurt us in the future in any way.  It's like throwing a ball and letting a bigger gravity pull the ball to the right place, without actually needing to aim to hit the ground when we throw the ball in any direction.  All spirits ultimately serve the same one greater mind because they extend from it, and are just a bit confused why there seem to be so many different spirits instead of just that one.


A church that will not support this little Story For Life is a business that should be reported.  A church that deceives the public is a place for bad spirits that needs only to be talked about in the light of the global internet.




VI. Honesty must prevail.


We need sponsors for the walk. 


We have signs to make, businesses to contact, students to rally, churches to partner!  We also have student university fees that some of us cannot pay, while they work to rally all of Taiwan into a commonly sustainable cause.  There is so much to do!


This is an annual event, and an annual award!  The idea is to find the best church, globally, nationally, and maybe provincially (for large countries like India and China) in any year to help struggling churches better understand our common eternal sentience means only to end struggles with harm to none, or God would be self-defeating.


The biggest global legal issue is the lack of international definition for the word "mind".  That's the global problem.  It is causing governments to pay a lot of money to companies who try to make cure-all pills.  See the 29 Aug 2018 petition update "Ending Terror" for information about that at


If we believe in ourselves, then we believe we can!  We CAN end the mental madness!


We cannot solve our problems without talking about them.  Doctors tell us pills help us think?  What's next, pills for math, and pills to save time learning to write?  Give a baby a pill and watch it recite Shakespear at birth?  The brain is like a computer CPU.  The brain is not the source of the electricity that makes the computer function, it just helps direct the process.  Without electrons, there can be no brain.


Thinking solves problems.  If thinking is the problem, we still need to talk about it to solve it. 


Join This Walk For Joy to end the waste of taxes.  Tell your government!  Tell political candidates!  Tell the churches and the schools and the mosques and the people you see on the street at the mall, or waiting for the garbage truck, or on a bike stopped at a light! 


Help governments stop the waste of taxes spent chasing mind-altering potions and pills.  Sign up for The Miracle March in this or any of these petition updates:


10 Sept 2018 - Miracle U


29 Aug 2018 - Ending Terror


7 Sept 2018 - The Forgiving Piper: Act II (An example of government-condoned nonsense)




VII. Background and story start


The background is briefly summarized: the principal argument is about the word "mind".  Do we all share equally in the mind of one true God, or is the massive international Mormon Community Of Christ allowed to falsely sell the idea?  Rene disagrees with the idea of selling seats in any shared heavenly state, and accepted the Mormon madness.


Mormons involved the police, the police the doctors.  Ontario psychiatrist Anjana Chawla went crazy to bribe Rene to stop him from continuing this story.  Rene returned to police to complain, and found himself again arrested.  He was left to argue with lawyers who wanted only to pass Rene back into the hands of crazed psychiatrists.


The story formally began on 3 Sept 2012.  Rene Helmerichs walked to Johnson's beach, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and asked to be arrested to accept the Mormon threat.  Rene decided, on his own, that if churches are correct and "one God" exists in the same way for all, then by God any man (or woman) should be able to say to any church, "Please partner with me in a project for sustainability on earth.  I am trying to start a charity to raise the funds to build a school to certify global teachers for the international renown text A Course In Miracles". 


Instead of partnering, The Mormon Community Of Christ senior minister Tim Stanlick ordered local minister Matthew Swain to contact the police.  Matt and Rene were friends.  Matt pleaded with Rene to not continue this peaceful campaign to end all religious arguments about the idea behind the word "God".  City Of Barrie Police arrived to warn Rene on 1 Sept 2012 not to contact that church for help again. 


Ex-treasurer Natalie Yewchyn (now facilities manager Natalie Kelloway began a rumour about the reputable Georgian College teacher who dared to dream that he could build a school for the teachers of teachers of tomorrow.  Minister Matt added allegations of child abuse, and City Of Barrie detective Brian Read (i.d. 731) added suspicion of making bombs.  There was never any harm. 


For mere email alone, sent entirely without threat of harm, Rene spent 3 years locked away in solitary confinement in Canada, a first world country claiming to honour a Charter Of Rights And Freedoms.


Police initially presumed Rene guilty and denied the college prof a criminal trial.  Further complaints were met with only prolonged incarceration, forced injections, and the asinine need of needing to argue for the right to defend for the freedoms that are publicized as guaranteed equally for all Canadians in Canada's criminal justice system! 


Before that first arrest, emails were happily exchanged, both sent and received, with senior U.S.A. Mormon minister Kris Judd to lay the foundation for her own possibly later biography, or incarceration. 


A record of the actual 3 Sept 2012 police encounter is conveniently at (.mp3)


Find the original police statements of Mormon Minister Matthew Swain and ex-treasurer Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway in the appendix of The Choice Amidst The Argument: unbecoming conduct of Canada and China officials at


Also included the appendix to The Choice, find just a few emails to show Natalie Yewchyn infallibly committed perjury.  This will help you to understand that Canada officials did (and do still while this petition is active) permit The Mormon Community Of Christ to give false testimony in court of law.  The Barrie courthouse file was C-13-205-SR, the trial in June 2014. 




VIII. Ending psychiatric babble


Lastly, in the appendix to The Choice at , find a few court transcripts from Barrie courtroom case file C-14-6966,


Rene returned to court to plead for his right to be able to defend against psychiatrists, specifically Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla, who did, and still do, intentionally take the statements of psychiatric patients out of context to meet their own needs for exorbitant salary and Canada criminal justice system courtroom supremacy. 


The assertion that psychiatrists have attained courtroom supremacy is neither an overstatement nor understatement.  Psychiatry has usurped the authority of judges in courts of law in Canada while psychiatrists are permitted to diagnosis mental disorders without an agreed legal definition to establish what it is they are diagnosing! 


Psychiatrists assume "mind" exists as a subset of our brain, yet acknowledge that mind retrains memory which is the ability to bridge time.  To bridge time, mind includes all brains in its subset.  Psychiatrists who peddle magical remedies, potions and pills, for mind-health therefore challenge GOD directly. 


The petition, An Act Of Kindness, at corrects the misperception permitting local businesses to bully employees for speaking out.  Funds to build the miracle university able to sort the rest of our global, and locally national, problems shall come from Canada when Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla are arrested, and this story breaks the international news headline barrier.


Join The Miracle March this 31 March 2019.  It truly is a walk to end mental madness.


In kindness to same likeness, always with intent for harm to none, and any name for common sense,



Rene Helmerichs


19 Sept 2018


We are currently living The Forgiving Piper Act II, act to save Taiwan.  This may become a later theatrical production in any country.  The March To End Madness and outline of its start was shared with Kang Ning University students 18 Sept 2018.  The Forgiving Piper Act I is at (.doc)

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