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Ending Terror

Rene Helmerichs

Aug 29, 2018 — 

The goal is to win The Noble Peace Prize.  It's a big goal.  Want a share of the prize money?

I need your help.  People are confused.  There is only one eternal state, and we already share it.  We know this because ideas for the world are always changing.  Because something exists for always, there is eternity.

The "war on terror" is actually nonsense.  The confusion is about the idea behind the word "mind".  When governments finally agree that our minds are already eternal, then no one can argue that different eternal gods exist. 

There is only one eternal state because any eternal state is limitless.  Limitless means "joined forever", "not breakable", "has no end", "always increases", and "excludes none".  The idea has many names.

Right now there is a global argument about the word "mind".  There is no global legal definition for the word "mind".  A legal definition for the idea behind the word "mind" must apply equally to every person. 

Our bodies are the digits of an eternally sentient mind, which we seek and resist and deny spiting only ourselves.  We walk around like zombies pushing each other buttons pursuing every whim forgetting we share one unconscious mind.  That we are unconscious to our higher order does not imply that it is unconscious to us.  It does not force.

The accepted legal definition for mind is currently established by The American Psychological Association (APA).  The APA publishes The Diagnosis And Statistics Manual (DSM).  Psychiatrists use the DSM to diagnose diseases of mind. 

Doctors insist they know mind because they read categories for parts of our shared mind.  The idea is absurd.  It is exactly the same as telling someone that you can drive an airplane because you can drive a boat after learning both airplanes and boats are called "ships" and deciding they must work the same because their engines sound the same and both run on gasoline (ignoring the fact that both can also use either jet or propeller, do not encounter traffic lights, and often leave the navigator looking at starts for direction).  Can doctors explain the Zero dimension?

In heaven, 1+1=111|1=111 ("|" means "such that" in math; text is used to symbolize thought).  On earth, 1+1=2 where "2" means three things but two of the meanings are ignored.  That's why 1/0 is not definable on earth (1/0=...|.=Time); in heaven the idea is ridiculous.

The APA assumes that mind thinks.  Psychiatrists teach that our brain thinks.  They teach this each time they give someone a pill or injection to change thinking.  That is actually witchcraft, but it is commonly accepted around the world as our currently foremost medical science.  It's a sad joke that needs fixing.

A working definition was included in the book A Course in Miracles, written by New York City University Of Columbia School Of Medicine professors in the 1960s and 70s. 

This petition presents the legal support necessary to have two psychiatrists arrested, for bribery and other real crimes, to allow media coverage for the necessary change.  Details are linked above in the heading "An Act Of Kindness" (click to see the main page), CC .

To implement a legal definition requires support from the government.

The only way to fix our confusion is to advertise common sense.

Common sense is easy.  It is the ability to ask questions when we are confused.  For example, "Why are psychiatrists in Canada allowed to force injections on someone for committing a crime, before that person had a trial to decide if they actually committed that crime?"

This is a petition to solve a global problem.  We need to work together. 

The result of this petition must be a big change in the laws of the world.  Politicians and lawyers will think this is a headache.  We need to overcome that ill-serving belief.

Memory is the ability to compare two different events.  The events occurred at different times.  So memory is the ability to bridge time.  Because our minds can bridge time, our mind cannot be limited to time.  However, we can believe that it is.  We grow in understanding by sharing insight, and empowering.

It is dangerous to believe that our mind is limited to time.  A mind that is limited to time is confused about itself.  The confusion stops us from wanting to work together.  The confusion makes us feel shy, and embarrassed, and afraid. 

Miracles require only the willingness to work together for the same goal.

Can you help us to build a school to teach lawyers how miracles work?

"Same applies to all" -Irina Swain, June 2012 at the Duckworth-Grove Tim Hortons with Natalie Kelloway, Matthew Swain in attendance (two months before they would publicize that necessary to begin this Scribal venture).

Share this petition, An Act Of Kindness, today!

Understanding our eternal reality is the most normal thing in the world.  It is the secret longing we all share.  Sign and share, share, share this petition to the far corners of political minds today, to help bring about a real-world political peace today!


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