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The Forgiving Piper: Act II

Rene Helmerichs

Sep 7, 2018 — 

Introduction to the semester-end assignment: The Forgiving Piper: Act II, act to heal Taiwan.

The details below form a sketch to action laws too.  Link to .pdf file with LINE QR to contact me and pictured QR to this petition is at


Dear 2018 Students,


Drama is a way of sharing news.  It has been used for hundreds of years before TV.  These are details for a play to help Taiwan.  All events are true.  Sharing this play shares awareness to stop this from happening again.  This is how to get your government to fix broken processes faster.


People pay governments taxes.  When governments allow civil servants to waste time, it is a disgrace to the people of the country.  When enough disgrace occurs, a human rights lawsuit becomes possible.  Our president is worried about the mainland's Chinese Communist Party. 


On 1 Sept 2018, the Taipei Times reported "The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has not renounced its intention to conquer Taiwan through military means."  Their goal is 2020.  At least using The International Law Commission (Nuremberg Principles) and World Trade Organization (WTO) against Taiwan is more peaceful than the army way.  China can launch an international legal claim for Taiwan IF we do not work together to heal Taiwan as quickly as possible.


This is the material for our first semester play.  I will arrange the different parts into scenes.  You will give input.  We will turn it into a ridiculous play!  The contents are all true.  This is the purpose of drama. 


People can stop all waste of taxes when they understand how their time is wasted.  This play is directly for public benefit in that regard.


Act to heal Taiwan of this one curse:


1) The government of Tainan City allows large companies to commit fraud.  We can to work together to stop it!  The contact information for the main branch of Sesame Street Kidsland is in the picture above.  The QR code links to this page on the live petition.


How does the government do that?  It allows officials to give excuses.  When someone complains about a fraud to a police officer, the police officer's actions say "Go talk to someone else."  This didn't just happen once.  It happened again, again, and again.


The vice president of Sesame Street Kidsland is our example.  The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau allows her to give false statements in mediation, and refuses to help police to correct those statements.  Then police say, "The problem is the government, we cannot help you."  That is how the government in Taiwan works right now.  We can act to heal it!  It begins with sharing information.


These seven related things happened because the government is delaying helping with the first:

2) The Tainan City 1st Police Precinct feels The Tainan City Labor Affairs Bureau should help;

3) The Tainan City Labor Affairs Bureau permits employers to give false statements at mediation;

4) The Tainan City Labor Affairs Bureau feels The Legal Aid Foundation or The Tainan District Prosecutor's Office should help;

5) The Prosecutor's Office asked the Tainan City 2nd Police Precinct to help;

6) Legal Aid Foundation (LAF) gave false written statements as excuse not to help (criminal proceedings against LAF staff were begun as a result);

7) Dedu Law Firm lawyer Ms. Elsa Yang is offended at Canada, challenges LAF as a result; and

8) I have filed 5 different criminal proceedings (so far) as a result of (1).  More can follow.


The purpose is to help all people of Taiwan. 


Sesame Street Kidsland in Tainan City entered a written agreement with me 26 May 2017.  They broke the agreement 5 months later in October 2017.  I tried to reason with the vice president 江佩樺 (Ms. Clare Chiang) and managers 徐乙彤 (Ms. Biya Xu; "Denise Madness"--she calls herself that) and 黃姿瑜 (Ms. Ziyu Huang; "Stacy Huang").


Instead, 江佩樺 (Ms. Chiang) began criminal proceedings against me.  The allegation is actually ridiculous.  They knew that I am writing a story to win The Nobel Peace Prize.  They agreed to work together for it.  Now she claims this story is ruining her reputation?  So the Taiwan government allows the school to deceive trusting parents to get more of their money?  Why did she fire me?


Here is what I offer to any lawyer:

At the mediation on 4 May 2018, 江佩樺 (Ms. Chiang) said that she dismissed (fired) me because I did not provide a criminal record. Yet she removed the requirement from the contract on 26 May 2017. (Therefore, Ms. Chiang gave a false excuse.) BUT, Ms. Chiang also said that she would re-hire me if I can show that I can legally work in Taiwan (as a teacher). The ARC (Alien Resident Card) that I had did not require a work permit, so any argument about a criminal record check is between myself and the government (and could not involve the school). Therefore Ms. Chiang is twice incorrect in the false excuse she gave the Tainan City Labor Affairs Bureau on 4 May 2018. (She was actually trying to protect herself and not reveal fraud that her school is committing against its clients, but that now only results in more deception for money, more fraud). I am currently a teacher at a university so I am showing her that I can work in Taiwan. Technically, Ms. Chiang is responsible for the outstanding 1.5 years of salary plus any future salary if she does not re-hire me, right?


If my previous employer will agree to honor their three agreements (listed at the bottom), then we can all agree that this is all a big misunderstanding.  No criminal proceedings should occur if we can all agree to that!  If the real owner of the school (Ms. Chiang and the police won't give me his Chinese name) does not agree, then The People's Republic Of China (China) can actually declare a state of legal civil unrest in its Republic Of China (Taiwan), and use the Nuremberg Principles to concur Taiwan legally (without bombs, the peaceful way).  What a great play!



Here is what happened:


The vice president of thirteen Sesame Street locations in Taiwan, 江佩樺 (Ms. Clare Chiang), required that I lie to parents.  She was afraid that the school will lose money if I am honest.  This is fraud under Article 339 of The ROC Criminal Code.  Ms. Chiang really only did not believe that this story can grow so big!


Unfortunately, the actions of Ms. Chiang directly affect my own credibility.  This is also against Article 310.


I submitted concrete evidence to police at Tainan City 2nd Precinct on 28 June 2018, file number P10706BCKM296X0. The evidence is a recording of a meeting on 28 Dec. 2017. 


On 28 Dec. 2017, managers 徐乙彤 (Ms. Madness) and 黃姿瑜 (Ms. Huang) demanded that I help the school commit fraud.  Specifically, they told me they will fire me parents learn the truth.  I had less than 24 hours notice to attend the meeting before work.  It was not paid, and I was told not to come to work if I do not come to the meeting.  That is actually bullying, and another criminal offence.


Kidsland Sesame Street (see business card in the picture above) is a mid-sized school.  They have 13 campuses and about 2500 students.


I gained courage on 20 Jan 2018.  On 20 Jan 2018, I tried to ask other managers at the Yong Kang campus for help.


On Sunday, January 21st 2018, at about 23h00, Ms. Chiang phoned my wife.  Ms. Chiang is responsible for all 2500 students.


The next day, on 22 Jan 2018, Ms. Chiang decided that I should stay home.  Classes were cancelled.  I never taught there again.  The last day that I taught for Sesame Street was on 20 Jan 2018.


The students' parents thought I did a great job until I was fired.  I tried to take a week vacation for my honeymoon (wedding) in February 2018.  Students' parents told the managers that they really wanted me to teach!  The honeymoon was planned for February 2018.


The school subsequently stole my writing.  I am writing a doctoral dissertation in Psychology (human relationships and communication).  Manager Stacy asked me to share an article with the school.  We were a team, so I helped.  I submitted two articles.  Only one was required for their contract.  Then they fired me.  They published my writing without agreement because they broke the agreement!


The school has stolen the writing from countless authors.  They did not give authors credit.  In most cases, authors do not even know that the school uses their writing.  The school takes many articles and publishes them in books two times each year for profit.  The books are included in Winter and Summer camp fees.


I tried to complain to police on 1 June 2018.  Police officer Peter Ke insists that the police cannot help.  Peter refuses to give his identification; I learned his boss is identification number 15026.


The school did not return all of my belongings.  They did not permit me to return in January 2018 to retrieve them.  I am still missing items including a book they gave me on 19 Jan 2018 with my writing inside, and with my name on the cover.


I tried to warn the school in March of 2018.  I truly enjoyed working at the school.  I thought the managers were caring people.  Instead of listening, Ms. Chiang claims that I am intentionally ruining the reputation of the school for fun.  That is not true because I have always hoped to help them gain more students!


I tried to mediate with the school. 


The mediation was at The Tianan City Labor Affairs Bureau on 4 May 2018.  Managers gave false statements at the mediation:

a) Managers claimed that I broke the 26 May 2017 contract (two-year contract period 1 Aug 2017 to 31 July 2019;

b) Clare Chiang insisted that she fired me because I did not provide a criminal record check; and,

c) Clare Chiang said (on 4 May 2018) that she will rehire me if I can show that I can work in Taiwan.


For (a), I tried to warn the school.  I did that with kindness.  I wrote them a sample book.  It spoke largely about what happened in Canada.  They threatened to fire me if students' parents learn about the Canadian history.  Find the history on the main page of the petition "An Act Of Kindness" in the QR Code above.  Ms. Chiang fired me for advertising a much greater fraud that psychiatrists are committing in Canada.  


Details about Canada: Canada does not allow hospital patients to have their statements recorded.  The government of Canada silently denies people the right to a criminal trial.  It isn't something that can be fixed without a lot of attention because it affects so many people right now.  No one can take the psychiatrists to court but psychiatrists can imprison anyone for any criminal accusation, without a criminal trial, for as long as the doctor wants.  I spent years trying to argue with lawyers about that in Canada.  The precise problem is the lack of legal definition for the word "mind".  Psychiatrists assume our brain thinks, but that assumption is false.  Our bodies originate from our mind, not the other way around, since mind retains the ability to bridge all moments in time. Because thinking bridges time, none (as the collective singular "all") of our minds cannot originate from any time-defined (temporary) state; we can believe constancy of law does not exist, but any environment that is always changing ensures us of the single fact that a constant state (consistency same-applied) does indeed exist. Part of this greater play is a dissertation for worldwide peace, for which understanding of any-as-every constant state is necessary. For mechanics, see  


Correcting confusion about "mind" is the reason originating need for this petition.


For (b), Ms. Chiang removed the requirement from the contract.  Therefore, she cannot legally use that as an excuse to fire me.


For (c), I have received employment at a university.  Therefore, I can legally work in Taiwan.  She is legally obligated to rehire me, or provide me with the pay even if I do not teach at her school.  I have another lawsuit against the school for the lost salary from (a).


On 7 May 2018, I went to police.  I asked police detective 吳宗諭 (Mr. Zongxi Wu) at 臺南市政府警察局第一分局 (Tainan City First Police Precinct) for help.  He used foreign affairs police officer Sophie Lin to translate.  At first the officers agreed.  Then I watched them take my statements out of context.  They did not at all seem interested in being just.  When I insisted the police help, the foreign affairs officer Sophie Lin laughed.  I have that recorded and linked on the internet in a May update to this petition under a list of 17 things 吳宗諭 (Mr. Zongxi Wu) did wrong on 7 May 2018.


On 31 May 2018, I filed a charge of fraud at The Tainan District Prosecutor's Office against Ms. Chiang.  One prosecutor, 黃琳琳 (another Ms. Huang), sent me a letter to go back to the police.  File number 107發查968字第1079019808?  The 14 June 2018 letter asked me to go to Tainan City 2nd Police Precinct.  I spoke with police officers Mr. Wang and "Nick" at The 2nd Precinct on 28 June 2018.


On 28 June 2018, I also began criminal proceedings against managers 徐乙彤 (Denise Madness) and 黃姿瑜 (Stacy Huang) for threats at the 28 Dec 2017 meeting.  I provided a QR code to the recording of the 1.5 hours meeting.  The file number for the case is P10706BCKM296X0.


On 2 June 2018, I began criminal proceedings against 江佩樺 (Clare Chiang) for theft.  Ms. Chiang refuses to return the book containing the evidence of intellectual property (copyright) infringement.  It was the Winter Camp 2018 book with a green cover that Stacy Huang gave me on 19 Jan 2018.  Ms. Huang wrote my name on the front of the book.  I left it on my desk because I did not know that I would be fired over the weekend.  Also still missing are three avocado trees, a scooter helmet, a red backpack, and my personal desktop (real) calendar with notes.  The file number is P10706B88W04345.


On 20 June 2018, I returned to 臺南市政府勞工局 (Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau).  I spoke with 林昱廷 (Mr. Simon Lin).  Mr. Lin told me that the case is closed.  He told me The Legal Aid Foundation (LAF) is the only way. 


As of this date (7 Sept 2018), LAF is still deciding whether to encourage (silently endorse) criminal activity (fraud) at schools in Taiwan or do something to correct the fraud occurring at Sesame Street Kidsland.  They are calling this period the "re-examination" period.


The 8 Aug 2018 court query number for the copyright case was 133010422.  It's called a "query" number.  There isn't another file number on the notice letter.


On 20 June 2018, I also attended mediation with SET TV Group (channel 54 news) in Kaohsiung City.  Set TV sent 廖凱偉 (Kaiwei) from Taipei.  He agreed to settle the dispute of out of court.  SET TV News Group initially agreed to cover this news story.  I'm not sure why Kaiwei is suddenly silent.  Set TV caused me a direct financial loss of 20,000 nT for our original contract.  Criminal proceedings were filed 10 Aug 2018 in Ciaotou District of Kaohsiung City because I have not heard back from Kaiwei.


LAF provided a lawyer, Ms. Elsa Yang of Dedu Law Firm (contact information linked below), to help with criminal proceedings.  江佩樺 (Clare Chiang) alleges this play, and the story that leads to it, is ruining her reputation.  Tainan prosecutors must understand that their perspective is incorrect.  It is Ms. Chiang who deserves the criminal charges for the fraud she insists to commit UNLESS the Sesame Street Kidsland upholds its three agreements (recounted below).


Ms. Yang insisted to use my wife as a translator.  My wife does not understand legal documents.  My wife also requests to stay out of my arguments.  She thinks all of this is ridiculous.  So do I, except that it's really happening and I really can't afford to pay bills right now because of it.  I had to complain to Ms. Yang. 


Ms. Yang also told me that she is offended at the idea that lawyers would not do their job.  Sometimes we believe things about the world that are not true.  Waking up is a difficult think for old people to do.


Ms. Yang then refused to understand that her defence is not the best.  She wants to use "freedom of speech" as the defence for material just like what you are reading right now.  Ms. Yang does not understand that police detective 吳宗諭 (Mr. Wu) denied the "freedom of speech" defence on 7 May 2018. 


It is a better defence to begin criminal proceedings against 江佩樺 (Clare Chiang), and everyone else involved.  However, Ms. Yang feels that she is smarter and informed LAF that she is insulted.  I spoke with LAF about this on 17 Aug 2018, and they asked me to try to cooperate with Ms. Yang.  Since Ms. Yang currently refuses to communicate with me, it is difficult to cooperate with her except against her in court of law.  LAF cancelled its support after they demanded that I violate the free will choice of Ms. Yang.  This is a minor misunderstanding that can be easily corrected if we can agree to support each other. 


LAF insists that I cooperate with a lawyer who does not want to communicate.  Therefore, LAF insists that lawyer's firm 得渡法律事務所 (Dedu Law Firm in Tainan), or someone else, fix the misunderstanding LAF now has?


The Nuremberg Principles are neat.  They tell us that if the rules in a house allow for stupidity (intentional criminal behaviour), it does not allow the people of society to act stupidly (giving false excuses to justify real crimes inside any house).


I returned to Tainan City Labor Affairs Bureau on 16 July 2018.  The Labor Affairs Bureau told me to go to court.  So I began criminal proceedings against two LAF staff on 16 July 2018.  The staff had written things about me that are not true.  They used the false idea to deny me legal support.  I tried to mediate with them, and tried to appeal their decision.  The court query number from the 7 Aug 2018 date was 340040737 (no court date for the 31 May 2018 filing has yet occurred).


The Tainan prosecutor's office allowed me to begin criminal proceedings against a lawyer but not the school that began this?


Another police officer, 張益嘉 (Mr. Zhang) spoke with my wife on 3 Aug 2018.  He feels that it is the responsibility of The Tainan City Labor Affairs Bureau to solve this matter.  The purpose of the call was to change a witness interview from 8 Aug 2018 to 6 Aug 2018.  I am a witness in a crime against liberty.  On 6 Aug 2018, his computer was broken.  We still need to make a new date.


I first met Mr. Zhang on 7 June 2018.  Mr. Zhang was very supportive on 7 June 2018.  He continued work on the 2 June 2018 case file P10706B88W04345.  He showed me two thumbs up to support the bigger project.  The bigger project is a petition against Canada linked in the QR Code above.  The purpose is to win The Nobel Peace Prize. 


Here is the bigger plan for this play: Canada will need to finance a new university.  The purpose of the university is to certify global teachers for the international book "A Course In Miracles".  The book was written by NYC University Of Columbia School Of Medicine professors in the 1960s and 70s.  That book serves to unite all religious concepts for "One God" with the psychiatric concepts for "mind" and mental health. This story is for that petition, that school, and directly, an absolute end to worldwide arguments behind any idea for heaven, hell, God, Allah, and consistency of law.  This play therefore directly supports the intention to win The Nobel Peace Prize, and the dissertation in Experimental Psychology for worldwide peace.


Dear reader, please share ideas.  Offer suggestions for what to do next.  I believe there is a law that makes sure lawyers do their job.  There simply must be, because the law must forever refine itself to become ever more consistent (it is a living process occurring throughout any relative state--churches call it "Atonement", professors for Miracle University know it as "at-onement" or "astral living in the physical").


We need to hold a school accountable for its actions.  The school has provided three agreements:

1) On 26 May 2017, 江佩樺 (Clare) agreed to help advertise how this story began in Canada in 2012;

2) On 4 May 2018, 江佩樺 (Clare) told The Labor Affairs Bureau that she will re-hire me; and,

3) 江佩樺 provided me with a guaranteed salary from 1 Aug 2017 until 31 July 2019 (a two year contract).


If the school will honor all three agreements then I am happy to call all of this a misunderstanding.  However, since they refuse to contact me, I do need to begin criminal proceedings.  Please help me do that. 


Since I have tried to go to court and the police, please give me a note if you send me somewhere else.  You can write on the note what you think the next person should do.  Please add your name or business.  I will show the note to the next person, and they can write another note.  That will also save time translating.


Please contact my lawyer, Elsa Yang, for more information about legal matters in Tainan City.  Her contact information is at


Always with intent for only kindness (and harm to none),




Rene Helmerichs

7 Sept 2018

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