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臺南市政府勞工局 (Taiwan) 允許欺詐 (fraud) 芝麻街凱仕蘭 (13 schools)

Rene Helmerichs

Sep 23, 2018 — 

TO: 林昱廷@臺南市政府勞工局 (Taiwan)

RE: Taiwan allows business tycoon Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) to commit FRAUD?


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I mean none harm.


Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷), police insist that you're the minute man.


We need to arrange a LAWFUL mediation with Kidsland Sesame Street.  I need your help with this.  If you do not help, my need remains. 


Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷) we need to work together.  If you refuse, you directly demonstrate that The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau accepts businesses in Taiwan to falsely represent their companies, to give false testimony at mediation, and to bully Taiwan laborers.  This is simply unacceptable.  I write this to prevent further officers from referring me to you.


Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷) is pictured.  He is a government employee at The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau (臺南市政府勞工局).


I have also attempted to complain to his direct supervisor.  She is pictured wearing a ring on her little right finger on page 29 in the book, The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy: unbecoming conduct of Canada and China officials at






I was dismissed from Kidsland Sesame Street (an educational group serving about 2500 students) for asking its clients for help to stop a massive crime in Canada!  I asked on my own time, not company time.  The date was Saturday 20 Jan 2018.


Managers Denise Madness Xu (徐乙彤 calls herself Ms. Madness) and Stacy Huang (黃姿瑜) threatened to dismiss if I insist to inform their clients of my past.  The direct threat was recorded during a 1.5 hour meeting on 28 Dec. 2017.  A gave the recording to local police on 28 June 2018, following prosecutor insistence for more evidence.


On Monday 22 Jan 2018, I was told not to come to work.  Kidsland vice president Clare Chiang (江佩樺) gave me three days vacation.  She then decided upon the most plausible false ground to tell the respective government of Taiwan.


I was not permitted to return to collect my things. 


I asked Ms. Chiang, and all authorities, to reconsider.  I attempted to mediate.  I was unaware that Taiwan has mediation centers.  Mediation centers do not exist in the culture from which I come.  In my culture, we use the internet to complain as absolutely loudly as possible until someone decides to administer honest justice.


Taiwan has yet to respect justice.


Clare Chiang (江佩樺) began criminal proceedings against me in March 2018.  She claims I am publicly ruining her reputation with intent for malice.  I was suggesting that she ought to re-consider!


Ms. Chiang (江佩樺) gave these false statements to The Tainan City Labor Bureau on 4 May 2018:


1) First, she lied about why she fired me (Rene Helmerichs).  Rene was really fired because he asked students' parents for help.  On 28 Dec 2017, managers Denise Xu (徐乙彤) and Stacy Huang (黃姿瑜) threatened to fire Rene if students' parents discovered that Kidsland Sesame Street removed the criminal record requirement from Rene's contract before hiring him;


2) Secondly, Ms. Chiang gave a false reason for firing Rene.  Ms. Chiang said that Rene did not provide a criminal record check, but Rene told it to her, and she removed the requirement for a paper copy from the contract (so... she fired Rene for not giving a piece of paper that she asked him not to give.) ref (.pdf) ;


3) Thirdly, Ms. Chiang lied to say that Rene needed to submit a criminal record check when she fired him.  Rene is married in Taiwan to his best friend of 12 years, and does not need a work permit.  The rule Ms. Chiang claims Rene broke was only for teachers who need to apply for a new work permit;


4) Then Ms. Chiang told The Labor Bureau that she will rehire Rene if Rene can show her that he can legally work in Taiwan.  He is currently working at a university.


5) Lastly, since Rene is actually really innocent in Canada, this is an international incident and requires international attention.  Ms. Chiang is directly harming the government of Taiwan because mainland China can begin a human rights case under The International Law Commission Nuremberg Principles IF enough of the local government does not act to stop ongoing fraud, and false rumours, about Rene that started in Taiwan at Kidsland Sesame Street.


I am HAPPY to consider THIS ENTIRE ARUMENT a simple misunderstanding.  However, I am now in dire financial need, and, really, at a limit.  IF the owner, Mr. Yide Lin (林義德), agrees to all terms his vice president, Clare Chiang (江佩樺), has promised on 4 May 2018, we can end this dispute.  Police and prosecutors in Taiwan should rejoice at that thought since there are now multiple public complaints against specific Taiwan government officers embedded. 


Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) can rehire me as Foreign Marketing Director.  We can then begin to promote his 13 school branches in a POSITIVE light, and increase his school population together. 


The alternative is this public demand that all operating licences of all Kidsland Sesame Street branches in Taiwan be revoke.  The grounds are simple: Mr. Yide Lin, Ms. Chiang, Ms. Madness, and Ms. Huang are actively ruining my reputation.  They provided false grounds for my termination and permit parents to believe things about me that are not true.  This is the criminal offence of Republic Of China Criminal Code Article 310 in Taiwan.


As a result of harm to my good name, former clients that I now meet in stores in Tainan City look the other way.  People absolutely refuse to acknowledge that I even exist.  I was once a reputable teacher for their kids! 


Does the Taiwan government promote that kind of fraud to occur across the whole of Taiwan, at countless other businesses? 


Let us uncover how deep this branch reaches.  The purpose is to weed our global garden for love of all sustainable life on earth.  In the process, my good name must be restored to me.


My name is Rene Helmerichs.  My current legal Chinese name is 是瑞內.  These statements are factually true in their entirety for the purpose of any honourable court of law.  Police and prosecutors can charge me if they were not.  Yet this petition remains officially unacknowledged.  That is proof enough of absolute corruption within the government of Taiwan.


To all United Nations countries: DO NOT SUPPORT TAIWAN WHILE TAIWAN PERMITS Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) TO ENDORSE FRAUDULENT BUSINESS ACTIVITY IN ANY WAY.  He currently owns 13 private school branches and a hospital.


Show me you care.  Share this petition today!  Anyone can do that personally.  Taiwan never needs to officially acknowledge support.  Taiwan officials can legally turn the tables on The United Nations with simple advertisement of this petition alone.




Current details for this argument:


On 21 Sept 2018, I met a lawyer.  The lawyer used a colleague from The Labor Affairs Bureau as translator.  I learned that Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷) cannot legally permit a company to use representatives with whom criminal proceedings exist.  If criminal proceedings exist between mediating party members, it demonstrates the unwillingness of those parties to mediate outside of the larger courtroom process.


No criminal proceedings exist between Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) and myself at this time.  Criminal proceedings do exist between myself and his subordinate managers Ms. Chiang, Ms. Xu, and Ms. Huang.


Simon Lin (林昱廷) arranged mediation between myself (Rene Helmerichs) and Kidsland Sesame Street (人上人教育事業集團芝麻街凱仕蘭) in May 2018.  Surely Mr. Simon Lin did not intend for this accident to happen.  The vice president of the 13-school private educational group, Clare Chiang (江佩樺), falsely represented Kidsland in the arranged mediation on 4 May 2018. 


The owner of Kidsland is Mr. Yide Lin (林義德).   Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) designated Ms. Chiang as the representative for Kidsland.  Foreign affairs police officer Peter Ke (who refuses to provide his identification number or Chinese name) told me this in person on 1 June 2018 at the Kei-yuan(?) police station.  I had insisted the police help me to regain stolen property from Kidsland.  Mr. Ke refused to assist me to begin criminal proceedings at that time.


Kidsland Sesame Street vice president Clare Chiang (江佩樺) began criminal proceedings against me in March of 2018.  Ms. Chiang alleges that my writing ruins her personal reputation illegally.  I told her that I would rehire her if she is fired over this.  Again, I have meant no harm to anyone at all.


I did not discover Clare Chiang (江佩樺) began criminal proceedings until 7 May 2018.  Therefore, Ms. Chiang unlawfully represented Kidsland Sesame Street on 4 May 2018.


Clare Chiang (江佩樺) also gave false testimony at the mediation on 4 May 2018. 


Officials at The Labour Affairs Bureau have asked, "Well, why didn't you correct it at that point?"


I tried.  I tried to correct Clare Chiang (江佩樺) on 4 May 2018.  I interceded once I heard a definite statement that I knew I could refute.  I expected time to collect irrefutable support, since the argument is about law and legal references were necessary.  I thought the mediation would be adjourned to a new date.  Instead, the Tainan City (Republic Of China) government declared both parties to be correct and told me to continue this argument in court.


Prosecutors have only delayed, and police insist that I continue to attempt to speak reasonably to the insanity governing The Labor Affairs Bureau.  Most recently officer 02209 at The National Immigration Agency in Tainan City phoned The Labor Bureau on my behalf, and told me, again, to attempt to compel Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷) to follow basic common sense. 


Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷) has thus far insisted that The Labor Affairs Bureau is unwilling to arrange a lawful mediation following false statements Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺) gave on 4 May 2018.  As I was told on 21 Sept 2018 that the first mediation was unlawful because Clare Chiang (江佩樺) had begun criminal proceedings in March of 2018, I do believe The Labor Affairs Bureau is legally obligated to arrange a lawful mediation.




Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷):

IS THE PURPOSE of The Labor Affairs Bureau to deny justice and permit large companies to commit fraud?


I must ask that question, because that is precisely what is occurring.


The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau ended the unlawful mediation of 4 May 2018 with a false conclusion. 


Worse yet, the Tianan City Government is NOW assisting and promoting crime in THREE separate ways:

1) First, The Labor Affairs Bureau allows false representation of companies;

2) Secondly, The Bureau allows corporate representatives to give false testimony; and,

3) Thirdly, The Bureau is directly impeding me from correcting the argument at its source.


The third item is directly a crime against all people of Taiwan.  It falls under the Republic Of China Criminal Code Article 339, FRAUD, because the people pay taxes assuming the government to use those taxes exclusively for benefit to the people without unnecessary waste.  Unnecessary waste is the continued employment of government officials who knowing evade responsibility for their actions.  A responsible government official seeks a peaceful end to mistake that he has unwittingly promoted once he is made aware of that mistake, which Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷) has thus far been UNWILLING to do.


I began complaining that Clare Chiang (江佩樺) lied during mediation on 4 May 2018, on 4 May 2018.  Police officers seem happy to pass the problem to someone else, and court prosecutors are equally irresponsible.


To compel me to pursue a fraudulent corporation in court for an argument that ought to be settled out of court (to prevent unnecessary harm to the workers of that company) is directly to say:

"Please involve more people and use more of Taiwan's resources because I want to promote the waste of taxes that establish my government position as a desirable and competitive position for the brightest Taiwanese citizens!"



Is the purpose of a Republic Of China Labor Affairs Bureau to end dispute peacefully, or to allow a dispute to involve an ever increasing number of people until the entire government of Taiwan becomes indicted in an international human rights argument?



Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷), if you do not help, you are only helping China solidify its claim to The International Law Commission at a later date.  You can call it ridiculous, but I am desperate for money right now and you are directly assisting Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) to continue to destroy my reputation!


China is legally able to claim (conquer) the criminal Taiwan government.  China can do this using The Nuremberg Principles of The International Law Commission.  Those principles were established by The United Nations specifically to prevent future unnecessary military action.  The Taipei Times continues to warn that China intends to conquer Taiwan with military force, if necessary.  This is explained in the previous petition update, "Taiwan promotes war?", at



Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷), if you will not ensure that I am able to heal this argument at its source (Kidsland owner Mr. Yide Lin (林義德), then you demonstrate to your government that you are assisting China to conquer Taiwan. 


Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷), the action of The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau is not tolerable to sustainability initiatives for Taiwan.  Your past personal actions, therefore, oppose the national security of The Republic Of China. 


I must insist that you help me to help Taiwan.


I must demand that you be personally held accountable for your desire to evade responsibility for a crime that you have knowingly promoted each time you refer me to a different branch of our government.  I cannot claim this if you are willing to work with me NOW.  You must insist to your supervisor that what you believe about your reality is incorrect, and that a lawful mediation MUST occur.  You should also help me begin criminal proceedings against Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) if he refuses to join our call to help Taiwan.


Give me the name and position of anyone who challenges you, and I will continue this argument with that individual directly.  That is the only way that you are absolved of criminal wrongdoing.  You are absolved of criminal wrongdoing because you are directly helping me to show Taiwan that you are trying your best to help to Taiwan. 


Using this process, I will eventually find the name of the right person who is not willing to face me.  That person will say, "Go ahead and give him what he asks.  Why are you asking me for permission to do what is right?"


Sending me in circles can end here and now.  You can pick up the phone and call every police officer in Taiwan until you find one that is willing to help me begin criminal proceedings against Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) if he refuses. 


Yide Lin (林義德) owns a hospital and 13 private school branches.  If he thinks that he can continue to bribe, bully, or compel government officers to break the law, it's time for him to wake up.


Mr. Yide Lin (林義德) permits ongoing fraud at Kidsland Sesame Street.  He permits Clare Chiang (江佩樺) to continue to deceive parents about me for his own financial gain.  Yide and Clare are well aware that we could be building new branches together.  Yet they permitted subordinate Denise "Madness" (徐乙彤) to email me with desire to take the business to court.  What a joke.


If Yide Lin (林義德) continues to insist upon an unnecessary court processes, I humbly request The Republic Of China TO REVOKE ALL operating licenses of any company Yide Lin (林義德) owns, or has owned at any time, while he permitted his vice president to defraud his clients.  Find details fraud at "Taiwan promotes war!",


It is fraud to lie about me merely to prevent an imagined loss of revenue.  It is also the criminal offence of slander against me.


Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷), I trust we've had a misunderstanding.  You have my email address.  I will happily update this argument with The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau once I receive confirmation from you that you are no longer willing to delay actually helping me.


Please tell me what you are going to do to help end the argument with Yide Lin (林義德). 


The longer we wait the more people I involve. 


Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷), I trust we've had a misunderstanding.  Please arrange a proper mediation.  The mediation must be with the owner, Mr. Yide Lin (林義德), directly because there are criminal proceedings between myself and the managers who have refused to respect honesty.  His address for service is 701台南市東區長榮路二段32巷6號.  The phone number is (06) 274-5257. 


Please also write a letter.  Address the letter to Mr. Zhang (張益嘉).  He is a detective at The Tainan City 1st Police Precinct (臺南市政府警察局第一分局).  Please advise him either that The Tainan Labor Affairs Bureau will arrange a second mediation date, or have him begin criminal proceedings against Mr. Yide Lin (林義德).  I simply cannot express myself well enough in Chinese, and my wife is happy to support me but is not an adept at business affairs.  Please ensure you write the letter from your official position with The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau (臺南市政府勞工局). 


Thank you.




I have been continuously complaining to Mr. Simon Lin (林昱廷), as well as every other police officer, prosecutor, and anyone else in my environment.  I do this everywhere I go and am.  The director at Kang Ning University for Applied Foreign Languages at the Tainan Campus has verified that statement.  The director is starting to receive complaints from students on my behalf!


This update follows "Taiwan promotes war?"at  It is copied to blogs and social media for increased "key word" hits on searches containing "complaints about Taiwan" and "Taiwan government corruption", among exact officer-name searches. 



Rene Helmerichs


23 Sept 2018

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