Stop Last-Minute Drastic Cuts to OSAP Funding

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Numerous students in Ontario are currently experiencing last-minute changes to their OSAP funding. Grants and loans are being "recalculated" and cut drastically with just three weeks remaining before the start of the school year. These cuts are nowhere near minor and are having a significant effect on students planning to pursue post-secondary education come September - some of which are now no longer able to pursue this education at all.

I have personally experienced the drastic nature of these unacceptable cuts and know many others who are in even worse predicaments than I due to it. This has left me wanting to make a change. Perhaps it will not resolve what has already been done, but it could aid in preventing it from happening again. When I applied for OSAP it was estimated that I would be eligible for a $3,600 grant and a $2,300 loan for a total of $5,900. In late July my funds were recalculated and increased. I would be receiving a grant of $3,751 and a loan of $2,556 for a total of $6,307. As I write this we are now August 16th, and throughout the past few days, I have heard of people in my community who woke up to find their OSAP funding cut in half or completely gone altogether. After a good friend told me that her OSAP funding went from $3,800 to $0 overnight, I logged into my own account to find that I will now only be eligible for a grant of $2,856 and a loan of $442 for a total of $3,298.

This is not a minor recalculation and this should not be tolerated. If OSAP is based on numbers, and those numbers have not changed, how can the funding itself change so drastically? How does  $6,307 become $3,298? How does $3,800 become $0? Most importantly, how is it viewed as "acceptable" by our provincial government to do so just weeks before the school year commences. How is someone expected to find the means to pay out of pocket for something as costly as post-secondary education in such short period of time? We must demand for a change because this is unjustly delaying and preventing the education of not only the future of our province but more importantly that of our country.