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Stop Building for Nuclear War! Green Jobs, Not Mean Jobs!

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President Obama has called for a future free from nuclear weapons, but the fact is the budget for nuclear weapons is going to almost double over the next 10 years for a total of 85 billion dollars!  The Kansas City Plant is one of three sites selected for "modernization", the other two being Los Alamos, New Mexico for plutonium pit production, and Oak Ridge, Tennessee for uranium production.

Nuclear weapons make us less safe.  In January, 2010, a Scientific American article detailed the devastating results worldwide of even a limited nuclear war: a severe worldwide nuclear winter that would cause unprecedented starvation.  Nuclear weapons, even if they are never used, drain our country of desperately needed financial resources, contaminate our environment into perpetuity, and sicken and kill thousands of nuclear workers.  The production of nuclear weapons is poisoning us long after the Cold War ended!  

The U.S. has over 5,000 active nuclear weapons and over 4,000 waiting for dismantlement, enough to destroy the world many times over.  We do not need to build any new nukes!  


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