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Stop Bear Baying and Fox Penning in South Carolina

Please ask SC Legislators to support SB 253, proposed by Sen. McConnell, which will OUTLAW bear baying and fox penning.

Through a loophole created by clever terminology, "hunters" in South Carolina are permitted to sentence bears to a lifetime of torture.  These majestic animals are rendered defenseless by their owners...first they are declawed and have their teeth pulled, and are then chained or tethered to a pole in the middle of a pen.  Finally, they are left to endure the relentless attacks of trained hunting dogs while spectators watch and cheer.

The bears suffer years and years of barbaric torture in order to "train" hunting dogs.  There is no relief for these unfortunate bears.  There are alternative, humane methods of training dogs to bay bears...none of which involve using a live bear. 

Fox Penning is similar to bear baying, except the fox is not big enough to withstand the attacks of trained hunting dogs, and is ultimately ripped to shreds.

Please read the comparisions of the ILLEGAL Bear Baiting in Pakistan and the LEGAL (by permit) Bear Baying in South Carolina provided by the WSPA and you'll see the only difference is the terminology.  Then, sign this petition and help these animals find relief!


“Bear baiting” takes place in Pakistan and is solely a form of entertainment. During bear baiting events, dogs try to pull down a bear (whose claws and teeth are cut down or removed) by biting at its muzzle and flanks. This is a "sport" to see if the bear can keep the dogs away or if the dogs can bring the bear to the floor. It allows for much physical contact, leaving both the bears and the dogs injured. Bear baiting is against the law in Pakistan, although illegal events still take place. WSPA has worked on this issue for several years and plans to continue our work until the practice is eradicated. (

“Bear baying” takes place outside of Pakistan and is touted as a method used to train hunting dogs. Similar to bear baiting, bear baying uses a captive bear whose claws and teeth are cut down or removed. The bear is tethered in an arena and used to train dogs on how to keep a bear “at bay” during hunting (typically, by barking and chasing it.) As part of the training, the dogs may bite the bear, but it is not as frequent or severe as in bear baiting. South Carolina is the only US state in which bear baying is legal – and, while it is slightly less violent in nature than bear baiting, it is an equally inhumane practice.  (

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