We want to dance.

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Since March 24th 2020 we haven’t been allowed to dance in licensed venues (clubs & pubs) in South Australia.

Our venues have done everything asked by the government to allow them to operate, some were even implementing QR Code contact tracing systems before the State run system. We have security personnel on the doors enforcing check-in before entry. Yet after almost a full year we have venues getting fined for trying to operate close to normally.

This is putting jobs at risk, currently there are multiple venues that last week told ALL their entertainment staff they were out of work due to this restriction.

We are being laughed at by other states where they can gather in larger numbers, dance in clubs and music festivals and pretty much lead a normal life. The photo attached to this petition is from happier times here in Adelaide, Clubs in Melbourne are absolutely pumping with crowds and dancing but at the peak of their second wave had over 700 cases a day. Our second wave lasted a whole 2 weeks with less than 50 local cases all up.

As the voting public we ask our government to do the right thing and lift these restrictions ASAP rather than requiring a Covid Management Plan that makes many businesses unviable to operate.

To reiterate, our request is simple... in June 2020 at a press conference our Premier Steven Marshall said there was no reason why nightclubs couldn’t operate with a covid management plan, remove the total capacity cap of 200 from the requirements of these plans and allow our venues to submit plans to allow dancing and entertainment with a 1 person per 2sqm capacity restriction.