Leave Long Valley Rd 100km/hr

Leave Long Valley Rd 100km/hr

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Why this petition matters

Started by Matthew Williams

Please leave the speed limit at 100km/hr for Long Valley Rd between Strathalbyn and Wistow. This is our main road to get Mt Barker and the city. Reducing the limit along here will mean it will take longer to get to Mt Barker and beyond. The Freeway is a headache as it is. We, the Strathalbyn residents, do agree that improvements need to be made. Lowering the speed limits may even cause more accidents due to causing impatient drivers to speed and take risks. He are some suggestions instead of reducing the speed limit:

1. Over taking lane / lanes Wistow to Train Line

2. Turn on and turn off lanes at all intersections that enter & exit from Long Valley Rd

3. Widening of the cutting at the top of Gemmells Hill and adding a turn off lane for both the landowners whose driveways are there as well as for those who are turning onto Gemmell’s Road.

4. Variable speed limit signs leading up to Gemmells Rd intersection (like Paris Ck Rd & Bull Ck Rd intersection) which are activated when someone is entering or exiting from Long Valley Rd.

5. Repeat of #4 at all other intersections that are on corners with limited visibility. Pretty much all of them.

6. Centre line barriers on both Castle Hill & Gemmells Hill to prevent overtaking where it is dangerous to do so and to prevent vehicles crossing over into on coming traffic.

7. A hot bitumen mix laid on the entire road not just a layer of tar and stones.

8. Regular maintenance.

9. Allow for the next 20 years growth of what to include for the road, not just until the next election.

10. Regular Public Transport at times when most people that need it could use it, including weekends (which has none) 

11. Community consultation and feedback taken for future works

12. All governments - local council, state & federal government be at any meetings with the community consultations.

13. Widening of the road to allow vehicles to pull off if they have a breakdown 

Thankyou Minister Wingard and others for your time


Yours sincerely,

Matthew Williams

2,500 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!