Make Juneteenth A State Holiday In South Carolina

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This past summer Sen. Darrell Jackson introduced a bill (S0005) to Amend Section 53-5-10, Code Of Laws Of South Carolina, 1976, Relating To State Legal Holidays, So As To Provide The Nineteenth Day Of June - Juneteenth Shall Be A State Legal Holiday.

 Juneteenth or June 19th is the oldest known celebration commemorating the 1865 emancipation of the last enslaved people in the United States.  Juneteenth commemorates and emphasizes education, freedom, and the overall achievement of African Americans.  It is a time for reflection and rejoicing.  It is a time for community assessment, self-improvement, and planning for the future.  Across our country, the contributions of African Americans continue to enrich every facet of American life.

 “South Carolina has a long, painful history of slavery and racial discrimination, as well as a record of honoring the Confederacy with monuments and other official gestures. It’s time to shift the narrative away from idolizing racist slave owners and toward recognizing the accomplishments African Americans have made in the face of enormous adversity”.

-Sen. Darrell Jackson 

As festival organizers we are creating this petition in support of the bill with the hopes that other festival organizers and state legislators see what a great opportunity we have to show the rest of the country how far South Carolina has come.