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Something Smells in BBVA's Approval to do business in the US

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Codefore Publishing Goes after BBVA Compass Bank

Codefore Publishing is encouraging people who feel banks are stealing their funds to enjoin in an attempt to pressure the Department of Justice to investigate a foreign bank now doing business in the United States.

JD Benish who owns Codefore Publishing  said that he thinks there may have been some back room deals made that resulted in BBVA Compass getting the ‘go ahead’ to operate in the United States.

 “I didn’t even know who BBVA was.”  He said. “ My original account was opened with a “mom and Pop” bank in Colorado named Mega Bank” “The next thing I know I’m doing business with Spain’s biggest money launderer and that’s when the money started going from my account into someone’s pocket at BBVA.”

“ It all started when I became aware of large sums of money missing from one of my accounts. In spite of having an overdraft account since the early 90’s BBVA was helping themselves to my money in the name of fees”  “One third of the overdraft balance was BBVA’s fees.”He said.    “I had a contract with Mega Bank” when “BBVA came along and operated as if there was no contract.”

 “We don’t have a lot of support yet” Benish said. “But I’m just getting started.  I’m not going to go away until I find out what knuckle head in the government decided it was a good idea to allow BBVA into this country. Its like giving John Dillinger a permit to rob people.” “ It smells like an inside job.”  He said.

 “I spent many years as a police officer and one thing I learned is that if it looks like an apple, smells like an apple and tastes like an apple  it probably is an apple.”

Benish said that he I did some research and was amazed at the criminal history of this bank. “It seems the BBVA gang has some esteemed members like Wells Fargo and Citi Bank.”  He said. “It makes sense that they are in the same fraternity as they have all been charged with money laundering and they were all caught hiding some of Bernard Madoff’s money.”  “Even the DEA and IRS has instigated laundering charges yet hereBBVA is, operating like law abiding citizens”  He said.  “It stinks.”

“I believe I am getting close to the cheese” Benish said  “ I learned that the Federal Reserve who grants Foreign Banks the authority to operate in this country has 6 districts. Out of these 6 districts there is only one district that has a president with a history of employment in the private banking industry”  

“That would be district 6 and the Bank would be Citi Bank.”   Benish said. “I know who the president of district 6 is and if he approved BBVA he should be able to justify his decision and that it was impartial and legal.”

“Since the Justice Department is the enforcement authority it’s proper that the Department hear directly from as many complainants as I can get.” Benish said.

You can read the details of what BBVA is doing in this country by visiting About BBVA Compass Bank or  "

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