Adopt a Peace and Development Appeal for your Country / State

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Adopt a Peace and Development Appeal for your Country / State

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The Peace and Development Appeal is a response to the growing need for peace and among nations and is addressed to all people of good will. It is urgent to act now.

The Appeal is available in English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Polska, Arabic & French. Download an official copy here: PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT APPEAL.

We are witnessing increased conflict in the world and want to make a stand to stop violence.Families and communities continue to suffer or live in fear. We are horrified by the countless deaths and suffering of migrants and refugees. Innocent lives are in danger due to conflicts caused by ideological, economic or political interests.

You are invited to sign this petition and send it to politicians and decision makers in your country. We, the Y4UW (Youth for a United World) together with United World Project, are taking a first step.

The appeal's five main goals are:

1.    To reduce the public funding of weapons production.

2.    To adopt new methods to reduce inequality.

3.    To have greater democratic control of economic and monetary policies.

4.    To do more to tackle organised crime especially human trafficking, drug dealing and the illegal exploitation of the environment.

5.    To promote full personal development through a guaranteed level of universal primary education.

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This petition had 11,956 supporters

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