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Kerri Bishop started this petition to State Senator Michael Johnson and

Request that New-Indy Containerboard, located at 5300 Cureton Ferry Rd in Catawba SC, Reduce Production immediately and upgrade their stripping equipment. 

Due to over 24,000 complaints, in Chester, Union, Lancaster, Mecklenburg and York counties, after the start up of the new production process, a reduction is not the outcome we are experiencing. The opposite in fact. Residents up to a 30 mile radius from the New Indy Mill are experiencing, allergy issues, eye conjunctivitis, throat irritations, nose bleeds, headaches, coughing , as well as our children and pets. These emissions are dangerous and toxic and we NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!

What is a Steam Stripper:
(6) "Condensate steam stripper" means a multi-stage distillation unit that uses steam to remove organics and TRS compounds from process condensate streams”, according to the EPA’S PDF on steam stripping.

According to New-Indy Containerboards July 2019 Project Columbia Construction Permit Application:
Stripper Off Gases (SOG) Collection System
-Destruction/Removal Efficiency is 99.9%

New-Indy Containerboards
June 2020 Project Columbia Construction Permit Application Addendum (after issuance of the original permit), evaluated the wastewater system:
New-Indy states that the shutdown of the condensate steam stripper complies with Subpart S. A hard pipe from the foul condensate tank to below the liquid level of the aeration stabilization basin (ABS) would suffice in allowing biological treatment to begin immediately.

New-Indy claimed the change in the shutdown of the steam stripper after the conversion from bleached to unbleached would result in a reduction of:
• Sulfur Dioxide
• Nitrogen Oxides
• Volatile Organic Compounds
• Carbon Monoxide
• Total Reduce Sulfur
• Hydrogen Sulfide
Due to: Stripper Off Gases (SOG) in the Combination Boilers.

While knowing the process change from bleached to unbleached would increase production overall by tripling the amount of kappa to over 90 from under 30, higher kappa produces more tons and the change in pulp has a shorter cook time in the digester, which increases production as well (per 2019 Project Columbia Permit Application). All while having unsatisfactory aeration in the ABS (see below).

New-Indy has 52 floating aerators operating continuously (per DHEC NPDS March 15 & 19, 2021 Inspection).
Problem One: New-Indy actually only has 39 aerators that are operating as of May 19, 2021. As well as a layer of surface crust in the ABS (per May 21, 2021 NI DHEC Order).

According to the March 15 & 19, 2021 NPDES Inspection, New-Indy has:
-Unsatisfactory lagoons.
-Outdated Operating & Maintenance(Last Updated: July 2010), Best Management Practice(Last Updated: July 2014), Odor Abatement Manuals (Last Updated: July 2010) – Required to be current for Permit.

On May 4, 2021, SCDHEC gave New-Indy Containerboard approval to reinstall the steam stripper.
The Problem:
The process generates 800 gallons per minute while the current Steam Stripper Equipment can only handle 400-450 gallons per minute.

According to EPA records; the BOD and TSS in New-Indy's effluent discharge has increased from 2019 when the Mill transferred ownership to the end of 2020, even during a four month shut down for the Process Change. 

Environmental Protection Agency Issued Emergency Order 303 to New-Indy Containerboard on May 13, 2021.

South Carolina Department of Health Environmental Communications issued an Order to Correct Undesirable Levels on May 17, 2021.

Health Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide:

New-Indy Containerboard generates revenue of $500 million.

Co-Owners, The Kraft Group, generate $5.5 Billion in revenue for 2019. (

On April 7, 2021, New-Indy in Catawba, SC Requested an Emission increase of 47%. Two days before SCDHEC stated New-Indy was the significant cause of the Odor. 

Senator Michael Johnson, introduced a Budget Proviso that would not increase emissions. The Proviso is currently at the House. We are requesting it to Pass and for Governor, Henry McMaster Not to veto the said budget proviso. 

Proviso Supporters: Senator Fanning, Senator Climer. 

Thank you Senators for your support!

Please sign this petition and share. 

Thank you for your support. 

Kerri Bishop

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!