Save Birds and Animals,Say no to overhead High tension power lines & hazardous chemicals.

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Dear People, 

With lot of faith in the present Government and the people who have concern for the voiceless innocent creatures , I would like to make a humble request to kindly support the cause to save birds and animals. Large number of birds and Animals are dying due to over head high tension power lines,hazardous pesticides& insecticides. Some of the species have become endangered. Example: Great Indian Bustard, Sarus crane etc. Many a times birds and animals like Monkeys,crows,bats etc get electrocuted. Overhead power lines are dangerous to humans life as well. Also, the usage of pesticides and insecticides on the agricultural fields,and several other hazardous chemicals that are let to water bodies by the factories are killing lakhs of birds,animals and fishes.This is a serious threat to Environment and Human lives. 

I plead to take an immediate action and consider the following requests.

1. Make provision for underground power supply,with proper safety measures taken into consideration.

2. Strict action to be taken on factories and industries that are polluting the water bodies and the environment. Though there are strict rules,not many industries abide by the rule. There must be a surprise audit in which random assigned officers,set of environmentalists and animal right activists prepare reports of industries that are not abiding by the rules and regulations.There must be direct provision for the citizens to anonymously report to the environment department with images and video of the industries that are polluting the water bodies or the environment.License of such industries must be cancelled.( I know this is difficult but nothing is impossible)

3. Hazardous pesticides and insecticides( example: Carbofuran ,Furdan and many more) must be banned. An alternative safe and natural farming process must be encouraged that must be quite inexpensive and easily available to agriculturists/ farmers. Agricultural department must be assigned the responsibility of training the farmers regarding the same. There are lot of uses from the Animal dungs and herbs. This must be focused by AatmaNirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. Hence, all animals including the male cattle would gain importance.

4.Plastic is yet another hazardous thing to animals and environment. Atleast the avoidable plastic must be banned. I still see lot of events being organised with plastic cups, while there are safer alternative like paper cups! Please take a serious action on these things. Polythene bags were once banned in some places but still I see people using polythene bags.Until the manufacturing of these stuff are stopped, the usage won't end. Plastic manufacturers must be directed into manufacturing of safer alternative and switch to safer environmental friendly items within a assigned period of time.

There are several incidents in India as well as abroad where almost 25 thousand to more than 50 thousand birds were found dead, all of a sudden.This is not any bird flu, do not misunderstand. Researchers have clear reports of hazardous chemicals that caused death of these poor creatures.

I hope people realise the threat to environment and I hope my request is taken into consideration.