Waive 6 Month Waiting Period for the Terminal needing Social Security Disability

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The financial make-up of a family severely changes with a terminal diagnosis. No matter how great the insurance policy, there is a deductible and out-of-pocket  maximum that must be met, in addition to the daily recurring expenses of maintaining their home. 

An estimated 15 million US workers are independent contractors without corporation benefits. In many cases, not working=no income. In the current 6 month waiting period, many families can loose their home to foreclosure in 2-3 months. Utilities can be turned off. No funds to buy groceries. This harshly impacts families.

The system is already in place to review terminal patients for Social Security Disability. These people have already paid THEIR money into the system. They should be allowed access to their Disability funds to help maintain their standard of living earlier than the current 6 months.

On average, people live on social security benefits for 15-20 years. The terminal are classified as those diagnosed by physicians with 5 years or less to live. Immediate release of the terminal patient's funds will still be a 10-20 year advantage to the government.

It takes an Act of Congress to make this change that would benefit many families found in a terminal situation.