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El Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) was named UNESCO’s World Heritage.

It has been 9 moths since we informed UNESCO about the construction works of Axencia Turismo de Galicia (Xunta de Galicia – Government of Galicia) on the routes of Santiago de Compostela. If you are a pilgrim and have walked the Camino during the last year you must have encountered the construction works.

Construction works that have transformed the path itself and landscape, construction works geared towards urbanization that involve building ditches, sidewalks, alteration and gradient change; construction materials of all types: gravel, cement and graded aggregates.

This Historic Camino would be transformed into a highway/roadway without hope of ever returning. And this is not just about a real botch job, it means the destruction of a HISTORICAL, CULTURAL, NATURAL and SPIRITUAL HERITAGE. It means the destruction of the Jacobean Pilgrimage roots that have been preserved for over 1200 years, integrating an exceptional natural landscape and material and immaterial heritage which is NOW being DESTROYED.

The Camino conservation MUST AND CAN be done in a different way. What they are doing does not ease pilgrimage access neither improves the condition of the medieval routes, but instead destroys the appeal of the Camino and our land.

We need your support for this to make its way to UNESCO and for them to respond. The construction works must be revised and stopped urgently, since it seems every time, new projects appear and new constructions sites are added without any sort of justification whatsoever and without assessing properly the impact it would have on nature and the cultural heritage. Can any of you imagine if this were to happen at the Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Wall of China or the Iguazu Falls? All of them part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Why Spain is always #different?

 UNESCO: Open your eyes!!


HERE you can find pictures of the Camino, before and after the construction works.

HERE you can access the report that was sent to UNESCO/ICOMOS on July 26th 2016 and to the different projects for “the construction of the conditioning of the Camino de Santiago”.

HERE you can find the proposal of the Camino de Santiago to the UNESCO World Heritage list, where it was highlighted the assurance of the authenticity and integrity of the route, which now is not being kept.