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In March 2011, I moved into a Senior/Disabled community in Seattle, Arrowhead Gardens, because they claimed it is a non-smoking property. Arrowhead Gardens is managed by SHAG (Senior Housing Assistance Group), a/k/a Independent Living, and they have turned out to be nothing more than yet another greedy, profit-motivated slum lord, whose employees are corporate thugs who bully senior/disabled tenants who stand up to them. SHAG began deliberately renting to smokers, alcoholics, addicts, and other low-lifes, and lied to government agencies such as HUD and the Washington Dept of Health, claiming it is a non-smoking property. SHAG also lies to prospective and current tenants, falsely claiming they can't discriminate against smokers, which is a completely and utter falsehood, as smokers are not a protected class, though Seniors and the Disabled most certainly are protected classes, and SHAG then lied to the Better Business Bureau about ever having said that. Tenants are required to sign documentation agreeing not to smoke in their apt or within 25 feet of the property, but SHAG doesn't enforce this, and in fact, their own employees smoke on the property. Smoking is a serious addiction, and smokers will deliberately lie and do whatever it takes to "get their fix," their instant gratification. What about MY rights? What about the fact that I was told this is a non-smoking property? This is a SENIOR COMMUNITY, and there are many residents here with respiratory disorders. This is a serious health hazard, and needs to be addressed immediately, and NOT in favor of the SMOKERS and the for-profit landlords who deliberately rent to them.

Recently the low-lifes got liquored up, and though they shouldn't have even known where I live or which tenants have complained about the smoking, stood below my windows deliberately blowing smoke in my windows for the sole purpose of instigating an altercation with me, and SHAG did nothing but further egg them on. The ground below my apt is littered with cigarette butts, and as if the smoke isn't bad enough, city bus, truck, and car exhaust fumes constantly blow through my windows night and day. SHAG has done nothing but lie to me, bully me, and try to intimidate me. I've been diagnosed with asthma and COPD since living here, which is not under control and won't be as long as I live here, and submitted an ADA Accommodation Request with proper medical documentation requesting I be released from my lease. I've lived in apts my entire life and NEVER has a landlord ever treated me this way or refused to release me from a lease. And in addition to being bullied by SHAG and the low-lifes they've rented to, the property is not gated, homeless drunks stagger through the property day and night, and the police have been here many times. I moved into a Senior/Disabled community so I wouldn't be exposed to such an unhealthy, unsafe environment, and I never would have moved here to begin with had SHAG been honest and a decent landlord, but I guess that's too much to expect from a profit-motivated corporation these days.

Keven Ruf is SHAG's appointed corporate bully. He refuses to communicate with me in writing, which is my legal right to request, in retaliation for my filing complaints and copying e-mails to HUD. SHAG is guilty as sin, and clearly doesn't want their dirty laundry aired in public. Keven is trying to coerce and intimidate me into meeting with him in person, which I flat out refuse, and insist on written communications, but he stubbornly refuses. SHAG cares nothing for the health and welfare of its residents. All they care about is money, and they are hooked like crack on all that Federal government Section 8 money.

SHAG is bad for Seniors/Disabled and bad for Seattle, and should be run out of town on a rail.

Therefore, please e-mail the government and SHAG employees below and demand that SHAG be held accountable for:

Refusing to communicate with tenants in writing;

Lying to the Better Business Bureau, government agencies, and current and prospective employees about this being a non-smoking community and that they "can't discriminate against smokers;"

Not enforcing their own policies and refusing to enforce their own policies and Washington State Secondhand-Smoking-in-Public-Places Laws among residents and their own employees;

Holding Senior/Disabled tenants hostage by refusing to release them from their leases even as an ADA Accommodation Request with proper medical documentation.

Government E-Mails:

SHAG E-Mails:

Thank you.

It's a matter of life and breath.

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  • Washington State House
  • Washington State Senate
  • President of the United States
  • Washington Governor
  • Seattle HUD
    Katherine Keul (Seattle HUD)
  • Regional Director, Seattle HUD Regional Office
    Mary McBride (Regional Director, Seattle HUD Regional Office)
  • Mayor, City of Seattle
    Mike McGinn
  • HHS Secretary
    Kathleen Sebelius
  • Manager, SHAG Arrowhead Gardens
    Kim Davis
  • Seattle HUD
    Harlan Stewart
  • Seattle HUD
    Diane C. Schooley
  • WA Dept of Health
    Paul Davis
  • President, SHAG Board of Directors
    Jim Sullivan
  • Seattle HUD
    Ann M. Becker
  • SHAG Executive Director
    Jay Woolford
  • SHAG Past Board President
    Mark Albertson
  • Senator Patty Murray's Office
    Ed O'Neill
  • City of Seattle
    Merle Weiss (City of Seattle)

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