EWE BEAUTY: Campaign for Wool

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Australians have always had a great affinity with wool. As a nation, we became wealthy off the wool on the sheep’s back!

The future of the wool industry is in innovation. To support this, we need to bring wool processing back on Australian turf. No longer can we rely on offshore scouring and processing of wool.

Early-stage wool processing will promote:
 - The return of manufacturing into Australia
 - More investment in rural communities
 - New jobs
 - Increased yield to sheep farmers
 - Fibre innovation and greater demand for Aussie wool 
 - Added value to exports 
 - Stronger rural communities 
 - Lower carbon footprint 

Planet Protector Packaging is on a mission to eliminate polystyrene. Our innovative WOOLPACK is made from 100% coarse waste wool for which there are limited applications. We don’t want wool going to landfill. WE WANT TO SUPPORT AUSSIE SHEEP FARMERS.

Inspired by nature, WOOLPACK is transforming supply chains across Australia and New Zealand. It is being used as an alternative to polystyrene for shipping temperature-sensitive food, seafood and pharmaceuticals. To date, we have only been able to process our raw wool offshore because there are no facilities here in Australia that are able to process it!

We are taking up this cause and "leading the push” to re-establish wool processing back in this country. If Australia has these facilities it gives us capability as a nation to recycle natural fibres, to work within the circular economy and to minimise the volume of these materials that end up in landfill.

Sign the "EWE BEAUTY - Campaign for Wool" below and support us to bring wool processing back on Australian turf.