Condemn ALL countries that persecute the LGBT community - Brunei is not alone!

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We want the Australian government and elected officials to condemn foreign persecution of people who identify as LGBT. We, as a collective community, call upon our leaders to denounce countries that whip, stone and imprison homosexuals. They must impose sanctions and reconsider Australia’s relationship with these barbaric nations. Countries like this have no place in our global community.
More needs to be done to educate LGBT Aussies on countries that pose a risk to our basic human rights. These countries are dangerous, and the government needs to increase the threat level on Smart Traveller in order to protect our citizens. It is unacceptable for the Department of Foreign Affairs to advise travellers to simply “exercise normal safety precautions”. Nor should Smart Traveller advisors suggest gay travellers “act heterosexual” as reported in this article:
Although Brunei is currently in the media, they are not the only country whose laws victimise people from the LGBT minority. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore all have laws that criminalise homosexuality. Western countries are often silent on such oppression, especially when the country in question is their ally. Australian citizens should not be fearful of visiting other countries due to their laws. We must stand against all nations which represent the worse of humanity. Australia must play its role in our global society and call out hate wherever it manifests itself.
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