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Save the 11 beautiful Elephants from the abuse they go through at African Lion Safari

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If you have ever been to African Lion Safari you would notice that the main atraction isn't the lion, but it is the 11 elephants. They offer a elephant show, where you see elephants doing tricks you didnt imagine possible, you can see the elephants swim, and interact with them one-on-one with elephant rides. What most people fail to notice is the bull hook that every person working with the elephants is holding. From time to time if you pay close attention you can actually see them using this on the elephants. If they have no shame using these hooks with all these people visiting the park watching, imagine what they do when no one is around. The tricks that the elephants are forced to do in the elephant show are cruel and need to be stopped. The suffering of the elephants is shown in the way they act. Often you can see the elephants bobbing their head, or swaying side to side. This repetitive motion is not natural to elephants and is a sign of stress and fear. It is also clear that the tricks are causing physical pain since the elephants are seen standing on 3 of their feet instead of all 4, and are also seen shuffling their feet. This is a sign of soreness in their feet. THE SHOWS NEED TO BE STOPPED, AND THE USE OF BULLHOOKS NEEDS TO BE BANNED FROM AFRICAN LION SAFARI!!


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