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Save the Florida Reef

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Coral reefs are rapidly dying at a rate never seen before by scientists, according to Columbia University by 2050 all coral reefs will be dead. In fact, TIME magazine reports that this is the "longest bleaching event in recorded history". Destructive human activities such as pollution and climate change are at cause since the rising climate change is making it harder for the reef to survive in their natural environment. Destructive fishing has also been to blame for destroying the coral reefs. According to the Coral Reef Alliance, there are fishing methods which utilize dynamite and cyanide which poison the reefs and the species they house. Coral reefs are home to a quarter of marine species and they provide resources as well as provide $375 billion in revenue for local economies through tourism and the food industry. Therefore we need to protect the coral reefs by putting a stop to pollution, destructive fishing, and hazardous practices near the ocean. We hope to raise awareness and enact action to create more protective laws for the coral reefs.

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