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Save river Tartar, Save Karabakh!

We, Azerbajanis from Karabakh in solidarity with Armenians from Karabakh, call on the United Nations Organisations to pressure Armenian government to stop the construction of hydro power plants in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, Kalbajar, on the river Tartar that has severe environmental impacts on drinking water, irrigation of agricultural sites and wildlife accordingly.

Armenia MUST stop misusing water that is a main source of living for several thousand people along this river. This is a breach of human rights!

River Tartar is 200 km long river taking its source from Kalbajar region of Azerbaijan. This region is currently under occupation by the Republic of Armenia since April 2, 1993 and United Nations Security Council recognized this occupation with Resolution 822 in 1993. European Court of Human Rights sets Armenia responsible for human rights violations in occupied territories of Azerbaijan. #back2Karabakh