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HELP! Let’s prevent Margarita’s death!

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Margarita the cow was just a baby when she was taken away from her mother. As she is a cow from the breed used for bullfighting, she wouldn’t have reached the correct weight for them if they nursed her.  In most cases, stockbreeders just kill these animals. But Margarita was lucky: her owner gave her as a gift to a friend who owned a house in the country, where she could live peacefully. It was not an economic transaction, just a gift.

Margarita has always lived alone. At the age of four, she’s become quite popular among her neighbours. They call her “Sweet Margarita” because of her friendly, sensitive and loving character towards humans, especially children. Now her life is at risk -we’ve been told she’ll be killed in less than 10 days. After receiving a report from a neighbour against the owner of the plot where Margarita lives, the authorities have found the owner made a mistake: he never registered the animal. He was going to pay the fine for this, when he was told that the only solution the authorities offer is to kill Margarita.

Please sign this petition to ask Animal Health, from the Agriculture and Livestock Department, not to kill Margarita and let her live the rest of her life in El Hogar ProVegan Animal Sanctuary.

There is a law in the European Economic Community that seeks to ensure that all unidentified cattle are killed, but Margarita has never or will never be used as livestock. She’s not to be exploited, but she’s a pet.

El Hogar ProVegan, along with other sanctuaries, is fighting to save Margarita’s life. She’s an orphaned baby cow who has never harmed anyone or anything, and she has a death sentence because the authorities apply the law as if she belonged to a livestock farm.

Please sign this petition so the Cataluña authorities allow Margarita to live happily and peacefully in El Hogar ProVegan. If this has already happened in Madrid with Carmen the cow, why wouldn’t it be possible in Cataluña, a pioneering community in the field of animal protection and the first to abolish bullfighting?

Thank you so much for your support.

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